Idis acquires KT Powertel

Idis has acquired a controlling (44.84%) stake in KT Powertel, the radio communications subsidiary of telecoms giant KT Corp. The move has been designed to strengthen the manufacturer’s offering in the security and safety sectors, with customers to benefit from powerful push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) communications solutions, and an emerging generation of advanced safety and security systems encompassing a range of IoT devices.

The acquisition will enable Idis to capitalise on KT Powertel’s LTE broadband wireless radio technology expertise in South East Asia and expand its capabilities globally. It believes that the move will strengthen the company’s position as a provider of complete, end-to-end video solutions that are easier to install and that offer true flexibility and ease-of-use, and deliver on the promise of low total cost of ownership.

“In Korea’s highly competitive and advanced home market KT Powertel has been a mobile communications leader for over 35 years, with more subscribers nationally than any other provider, delivering consistently strong sales and profits,” said Idis, Chief Executive Officer, Y.D. Kim. “As we look forward, video solutions will need to be increasingly convenient for customers to use on the move, and they’ll need to be more flexible to install and extend with IoT and wireless technology. In all these specialisms, Idis’ acquisition of KT Powertel will extend its expertise as it develops leading-edge solutions to increase security and safety in a range of applications.”

KT Powertel developed one the world’s first blind spot-free LTE radio services, Power Talk, and PoC communications solutions. PoC radios support functions including instant group calling, messaging, GPS location tracking and emergency notifications. This, combined with LTE cellular networks, provides the bandwidth necessary for advanced video and data applications.

KT Powertel’s depth of expertise in communications technology aligns with Idis’ focus on video surveillance and analytics solutions operated through a choice of video management systems and controlled via authorised access to client software or mobile applications. The acquisition is designed to strengthen Idis’ position in markets including critical infrastructure applications, and both government and commercial sectors. The move will also boost Idis’ R&D capabilities in crucial growth areas including IoT.



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