IDIS and PHOENIXTRESCRAY partner up to target integrated technology solutions

The rapid growth in demand for affordable integrated solutions that combine the latest video and access technology is being targeted by a recent partnership between IDIS and PHOENIXTRESCRAY.

“There is particular demand for powerful yet affordable integrated security offering to reduce upfront costs and improve value,” said Ceri Richards, Managing Director at PHOENIXTRESCRAY. “We understand our clients also have more appetite for system flexibility and adaptability across longer lifecycles which is not being met by established players in the sector.”

Using end-to-end IDIS video and access control solutions, major corporate and multi-purpose projects are already in the pipeline and will be delivered by PHOENIXTRESCRAY as a core element of its integrated security and building management solutions.

Other factors shaping the market is the influence of the United States National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) which is becoming an important factor in purchasing decisions, particularly for new multi-tenanted facilities and medium-to-large enterprises with operations or trading links in the US.

“IDIS video technology is feature rich and cost effective to install and maintain, and thanks to off-the-shelf integration with leading access control technologies – including Gallagher – we can now present a compelling business case for the major projects we are being asked to deliver,” says Adrian Arnold, Security Projects Director, PHOENIXTRESCRAY.

PHOENIXTRESCRAY and its parent company Phoenix ME, are also focusing on compliant COVID-secure workspace environments which underpin safe back-to-work strategies. They are helping customers to adapt to safe working practices, but ones that are also looking to improve workspace management to cater for an evolving and increasingly mobile workforce, the ability to pivot and adapt to new ways of operating. 

“The AI video solutions that organisations are now deploying to help with COVID-safe operating will also prove valuable going forward, because they will provide them with granular data on the way premises are being used, right down to department level,” says Jamie Barnfield, Senior Sales Director, IDIS Europe.

“By integrating our IDIS deep-learning powered video analytics with access control, users can correlate transactional data to deliver actionable intelligence about what’s happening on site, both in real-time and over time, resulting in more benefits and long-term value.”


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