IDIS confirms H.265 licenses for all hardware

IDIS has announced that it now has HVEC Advance and H.265 MPEG patent licenses for all its hardware, with licenses dating back to cover all installed systems.

IDIS has made use of the H.265 standard since 2016 to underpin flexible monitoring solutions using dual codec (H.264/265) and hybrid codec, ensuring backward compatibility with older monitoring hardware. Combined with IDIS Intelligent Codec, this typically saves up to 70% on storage capacity and lowers bandwidth requirements compared to older high-definition systems that relied on H.264.

According to IDIS, their users were among the first to benefit from ultra-high-definition surveillance using 8MP and 12MP cameras, while reportedly ensuring fast incident response, smoother searches and minimised distortion when reviewing complex scenes, even from mobile devices.

For example, the new IDIS Mobile Plus app enables 4K live streaming on remote mobile devices, with high image quality in H.264/MJPEG and H.265 formats. With Mobile Plus, users can remotely access cameras and NVRs, monitor live video streams, and search recorded footage via their iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

“As security and video tech vendors come under increased scrutiny over issues from manufacturing origin and cybersecurity to standards and intellectual property compliance, IDIS can provide full reassurance for customers with its fully-licensed, Korean-made, end-to-end video solutions,” says Joon Jun, President of the IDIS Global Business Division. “From critical infrastructure and banks, to national health services and corporates, IDIS video technology is trusted by major users globally.”   


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