Immix partners with DeepAlert: Now available through AI Link


Immix is proud to partner with DeepAlert, a market-leading AI technology company providing video analytics to surveillance operations.

Forged in the demanding security environment in South Africa, DeepAlert has rapidly expanded globally providing an effective false alarm filtering service that dramatically improves monitoring operations and drives down costs, Immix Protect says.

According to Immix, it offers simple deployment – with a click of a button within the Immix platform ensures that the AI tech service can be operational practically immediately in the user’s Immix CS/GF account. It also works with practically any camera system including those with low resolutions, thermal cameras and PTZ, Immix says.

Responding to nuisance alerts is time-consuming and prevents focus and attention on real threats. DeepAlert’s accurate people and vehicle detection service filters out the nuisance alerts and delivers only true alerts to operators.

According to Immix, it has a simple, intuitive yet feature-rich interface which enables granular configuration of regions of interest, object classes, alert schedules and thresholds. This configuration ensures optimal nuisance alarm filtering performance even in usually busy scenes. It is known for its reliability and client support with technical assistance available through a number of channels 24/7/365.

False alarm management is a breeze with DeepAlert’s dashboard and review interfaces. Operators can quickly identify over-alerting sites or cameras and remedy the issues timeously. The DeepAlert deep learning algorithm is updated weekly and continuously improves in accuracy and efficacy.

Many leading Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) are already making use of DeepAlert’s proven technology, improving their operations and providing world-class service to their clients.

Valuable Features

  • Single frame detection capabilities
  • Accurate detection on low-resolution images
  • Multiple configurable areas of interest
  • Accurate stationary vehicle detection
  • Continuously improving accuracy of service
  • Accurate detection over long distances
  • Delivery of alerts to mobile devices

For more details, please review the dedicated support page for DeepAlert on the Immix support portal and for more information on DeepAlert, visit their website here.

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