Industrial Defender creates IT-OT integration lab

Industrial Defender has launched an IT-OT integration lab. The lab has been created to accelerate advancements in the industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity space by providing a real-world setting to experience new technologies virtually.

This IT-OT Integration Lab will be used to research and develop emerging technologies and test cybersecurity integrations. In addition to this, it will deliver rapid, realistic evaluations of the Automation Systems Manager (ASM) and its partners at what Industrial Defender states will be a lower cost than a traditional proof-of-concept (PoC). Finally, the lab will provide hands-on, virtual experiences for those who want to learn how to apply cybersecurity fundamentals, as well as product training for the ASM.

“By virtualising cybersecurity technology assessments, the IT-OT Integration Lab will allow our customers and partners to make strategic security decisions faster and at a lower cost,” said Jim Crowley, CEO at Industrial Defender. “Our lab will also support important R&D efforts for both our product team and partners to bring innovative new solutions to market.”

“The wide variety of IT and OT devices in the integration lab provides us with the real-world environment we need to consistently research, train and test our ML-powered cyber risk modelling algorithms for industrial control systems,” added Jose Seara, CEO at DeNexus. “We’ll continue to work closely with Industrial Defender to deliver on our mission to build the global standard for industrial cyber risk quantification.”

Michael Trautman, CTO & VP CyberSecurity at FoxGuard Solutions noted that: “Evaluating our integration with Industrial Defender in the IT-OT integration lab ensures we are delivering the best vulnerability management solution possible to empower those on the frontlines of industrial control system cybersecurity.”

“Waterfall Security Solutions is pleased to participate in Industrial Defender’s IT-OT integration lab,” stated Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder of Waterfall Security Solutions. “The lab serves an important role, enabling manufacturing and critical infrastructure enterprises to experience virtually how Waterfall’s hardware-enforced solution safely transmits industrial data from control systems to enterprise security teams in a real-world environment.”

“We are excited to partner with Industrial Defender and contribute to their innovative IT-OT integration lab supporting asset owners and OEMs in the evaluation of new ICS cybersecurity technology,” concluded Eric Byres, P.Eng, ISA Fellow, CEO at aDolus Technology Inc. “This valuable resource will play an important role in securing the supply chain for critical infrastructure, and we are pleased that the software security risk intelligence aDolus provides will further ensure a more secure supply chain.”


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