Integrated Biometrics forms strategic alliance with Sciometrics

Integrated Biometrics has formed a strategic alliance with Sciometrics

Integrated Biometrics (IB) has signed a strategic development alliance with Sciometrics to provide advanced touchless technology that enables developers to turn smartphones into high-resolution biometric devices. The alliance reflects IB’s commitment to providing leadership in fingerprint collection technology to the industry and is the culmination of years of joint efforts to develop such technology.

IB and Sciometrics will work together with industry experts to help define the standards for contactless platforms offering interoperability with legacy databases created with traditional scanners. Slapshot touchless biometrics API is the first of many contactless offerings that IB will bring to market as a result of the collaborative alliance with Sciometrics.

“IB sees contactless fingerprint identity as an emerging and exciting modality,” said Steve Thies, CEO of Integrated Biometrics. “We believe our collaboration with Sciometrics with its world-class algorithms will provide our customers globally the ability to expand their identity capabilities using their fleets of smartphones.”

“I can’t think of a better partner than IB to provide global reach and collaborative expertise in the fingerprint market,” noted Mark Walch, President of Sciometrics. “The broad usage of IB products and the prestige of the IB brand will open doors around the world. This strategic development agreement speaks to IB’s commitment to add the best contactless identity to their portfolio, and to supporting their customers with legacy contact databases as the technology advances.”

“As a company, we’re constantly striving for innovation and looking to help solve our customers’ problems,” added Integrated Biometrics EVP David Gerulski. “This touchless technology will expand our customers’ ability to efficiently verify identity in the field through a smartphone. The myriad of use cases for military, law enforcement, border protection, financial services, and humanitarian efforts highlights the strong need for this standard globally. This technology is going to be a game changer.”


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