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This year’s International Security Expo (ISE) made its triumphant return late September after two years of cancellations due to the pandemic. Located side-by-side with the newly-launched International Cyber Expo, ISE visitors were not only able to experience a range of security solutions from the world’s leading suppliers but were immersed in a day of knowledge and discovery with a full educational content programme including: the Disaster and Resilience Conference, the Organised Crime Summit, the International Security Conference and the Product Innovation Theatre.

Providing a central meeting point to network, the specialist Government Zone provided the buzz of ISE – demonstrating significant support from the UK Government and associated agencies. Additional senior representatives from the British Army, the Bank of England, BAE Systems and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure to name a few, were in attendance, further emphasising the professional backdrop of the two-day event.

The discussions and seminars proved to be insightful and thought-provoking; ‘The State of Aviation Security,’ by Philip Baum MD, Green Light Ltd focussed on the challenges of mental health in terror attacks and how aviation is now seen as a counter terror aspect within the industry. After debunking several methods that are currently used in airport security, Baum added that as we emerge from the pandemic, behavioural analysis as well as mental health awareness need to become the most vital components when examining potential threats.

Ivor Terret, Chief Enabler at Enablement Advisors discussed the prospects of physical and cyber security convergence. Why are massive cyber attacks still succeeding? At a practical level, cyber and physical are still siloed, even though it has been proven that attacking cyber weakens every part of physical defence. Terrert essentially argued that a unified strategy with physical security is needed to increase cybersecurity. “We need less awareness and more understanding,” he commented, “we don’t need a conceptualised approach, we need to converge at all levels.”

Boasting a large-scale innovation hub, the ISE show floor provided the perfect opportunity for exhibitors to launch new products and discuss new technology prospects. Exhibition stands occupied by the likes of Adani, Marshalls Mono, Audax Global Solutions, Bastion Security Products, Leidos, Patriot One, Rapiscan Systems, HS Security Group, PointWire, Pitagone, Smiths Detection Group, Tripwire, Heras, Leonardo, APSTEC Systems, Jacobs, Astrophysics, Intqual and Mitie with a view towards sourcing solutions from a wide range of security products.

Guest Feedback

Trackforce Valiant

“It was a joy to be back at an in-person event and exhibiting once again. Trackforce Valiant is the world’s leading security workforce management solution, we’ve been in the industry for over 25 years, we’re deployed at over 35,000 customer sites have over 3500 customers with over 500,000 tracked users and so ISE was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the industry on an international level and showcase how our solutions enable both the security industry and the largest brands globally operate smarter.

“Our uniquely tailored software applications were on display this year to provide insights on how we can help improve operational efficiency, officer accountability, mitigate risk and reduce manual processes with a single software solution. It was a delight to network with fellow exhibitors and attendees and we are looking forward to seeing more of the security sector as the world begins to open its doors to events like this once again.”

Pete Blackhurst, VP of Sales at Trackforce Valiant

ATG Access

“SE 2021 provided HS Security a fantastic platform to reconnect with the security industry. Their conference programme focused on new and topical themes such as protecting heritage assets, the Protect Duty and different approaches taken to hostile vehicle mitigation schemes.

“Alongside the content shared, the very latest in cyber security and hostile vehicle mitigation products were showcased. Attack testing insights were also shared within the LPCB live test area, facilitating an insight into the importance of specifying third party accredited equipment.

“We look forward to next year and hope to see more market leading security solutions and innovative content.”

Lucy Ketley, Marketing Manager at ATG Access Ltd


“Cybersecurity was definitely the buzzword of the show – and there was clearly lots of innovation on display. But what came across loud and clear for Heras was that physical security is still absolutely vital for UK sites of national importance, data centres, warehouses and distribution hubs.

“These sites need clear demarcation, effective entrance control and detection to make sure that perimeters aren’t breached and that only authorised personnel and visitors can enter the site and specific areas within the site. And, if there are any deviations from this, there needs to be a swift and accurate response.

“The ISE fell just after a weekend of panic fuel buying across the UK, after widespread media reporting of a shortage of lorry drivers for fuel tankers. This naturally led into lots of conversations with visitors about the issue of business interruption and the risks and implications if sites are compromised.

“We work closely with the operators of many sites of national importance, data centres, warehouses and distribution hubs, and disruption – be it protestors blockading entrances to sites or more-aggressive tactics involving breaking into sites – is not an option because the knock-on effects can be costly and potentially damaging to an organisation’s ability to operate.

“The rapid growth in the construction of warehouses to cope with the demand from online shopping highlights the need to secure these sites and protect the valuable stock held in them.

“Truly, nothing beats talking to a real person over a cup of coffee – and boy, had we missed it! As a business, the ISE was fantastic for Heras, not just in the quality of enquirers but more importantly in the connections we made with new people and in reconnecting with people we hadn’t seen for a couple of years.”

Rebecca Hughes, Marketing Manager at Heras

Security on Screen

“With the wheels of industry turning on a global basis once again, it was a real pleasure to attend the second show in a month delivered by the Nineteen Events Group. The International Security Expo has been established for some time now and has been a must attend for international security providers since its launch, but this year after the forced break, it felt particularly relevant to be in London Olympia with colleagues, peers, providers, Government and various ‘agencies’ all under the same roof to talk about how they can support the developed landscape individuals and entities face from a security perspective.”

“With major change in the Middle East given the Taliban have taken power in Afghanistan and all that goes with that, it was interesting to understand from some key thinkers what the implications are to those that live in and do business in the Region as well as what we might face down the line as a result of the power shift outside of the Middle East.

“Hot topics included ethical use of Ai, biometric solutions, people and vehicle screening and scanning and wider command and control offerings. All in all there were plenty of niche and specialist products available to look at that really support those tasked with keeping public areas safe and past that to the wider Policing and military communities who of course take security to another level of delivery.

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking comments from a cross section of delegates, speakers and commercial providers, all of which you can watch at Security On Screen – simply search International Security Expo and see for yourself what some of the key ‘faces’ at the show had to say, they include Tim Northwood, Simon Barnes. Martin Gill, Jim Hardie, Tim Purpura, Pete Blackhurst and Rob Ward to name a few!”

Peter Mawson, Founder of Security on Screen

International Security Expo and International Cyber Expo will return to Olympia in west London next on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 27 and 28, 2022. Visit:


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