Intersec 2024 champions the UAE’s airspace security with Counter Drone Workshop

Intersec 2024

With drones emerging as a cost-effective means for gathering intelligence and presenting potential security threats, Intersec 2024, which takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 16 – 18 January is to host a Counter Drone Workshop which aims to unveil advances in drone threat responses and address the challenges comprehensively.

The workshop will take place on the sidelines of the Drone & Anti Drone Zone, with over 200 sqm of drone innovations alongside state-of-the-art anti-drone technologies from the world’s leading defence and security manufacturers, including Skyfend, D-fend Solutions, Dat ConAEE Aviation AxEnd Inc.

According to a report by Innovius, the UAE drone market is expected to experience significant growth, with a projected increase in market size from $380 million in 2022 to $950 million in 2030. While safety regulations remain a priority, the utilisation of drones for various purposes, including gathering intelligence or posing physical and cybersecurity threats, will be a significant topic of discussion at Intersec 2024.

The UAE plays a pivotal role in the global drone industry, heavily investing in unmanned arial vehicle (UAV) technology. According to TechSci Research, Dubai holds a significant share (40.21%) of the UAE drone market, followed by Abu Dhabi (28.68%) and Sharjah (14.61%) from 2018 to 2023.


Governed by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), cybersecurity threats and potential misuse of surveillance data pose significant concerns. To address these, the UAE has taken steps to bolster drone cybersecurity, enact robust privacy laws, and actively monitor for breaches to safeguard its expanding drone fleet and ensure responsible deployment. This includes suspending all flying operations for owners, practitioners and enthusiasts of drones, including drones and light sports aircraft by the Ministry of Interior in January 2022.

Grant Tuchten, Portfolio Director at Intersec 2024 organiser Messe Frankfurt Middle East, said: “It is a crucial time to host this workshop in the UAE as we delve into understanding the imminent threats, anticipating potential scenarios, and identifying the most pertinent modes of threats. Through case studies and global incident analyses, industry experts will explore methods and technologies for detecting, neutralising, and, if necessary, eliminating drone threats.”

Intersec 2024 to welcome 1,000 exhibitors, and 45,000 visitors, and showcase cutting-edge security, safety and fire protection innovations

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