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Secury360 stands at the cutting edge of security technology, a pioneering force that’s reshaping the very landscape of perimeter detection. Its solution, as precise and proactive as it is intuitive, upgrades existing camera systems and integrates smoothly with control room workflows, elevating them to new levels of capability. The company will be exhibiting at Intersec 2024 Expo this year, where it will unveil its latest Secury360 box. In this interview, we hear more from founder and CEO Frederick Jacobs.

What can visitors to your Intersec stand expect to see?

FJ: “Visitors to our Intersec stand SA F44 can expect an exciting introduction to Secury360 by our new Business Development Manager, Dana and myself. As this is our inaugural participation in this exhibition, we are eager to showcase the innovative features of Secury360 and engage with attendees to provide a firsthand experience of our solutions.”

Can we expect any announcements from you at the show?

FJ: “Absolutely! We are thrilled to unveil a preview of our latest Secury360 box at the exhibition. This new version boasts enhanced versatility, additional options, and improved installation convenience. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the features and functionalities of the new Secury360 box firsthand.”

What do you feel you are offering that sets you aside from your competitors?

FJ: “Secury360 distinguishes itself by being a 100% Belgium-made product, reflecting our commitment to quality and reliability. Our software, encompassing AI and the partner portal platform, is a testament to our dedication to providing a robust security solution. The partner portal, exclusively developed by Secury360, offers unparalleled ease for installers, control rooms, and distributors.

“With tailored sales dashboards, exportable client overviews, and simplified installation management, our platform serves as a comprehensive security hub. Our agility, driven by in-house talent, ensures quick adaptation to market needs. Listening attentively to our customers, we continuously enhance our total solution while also anticipating and preparing for future market demands.”

Are there and special considerations or additional support that you offer your clients across the Middle East?

FJ: “Dana, our dedicated Business Development Manager, joined us in January and is situated in the Middle East. She plays a pivotal role in providing seamless support to our customers, from onboarding to ongoing assistance. Her proximity and understanding of the regional context enable us to offer tailored support. We are committed to providing excellent service to all our clients in the Middle East, irrespective of regional challenges.”

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