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Anand Subbiah Secure Logiq

Security on Screen recently caught up with Anand Subbiah, Regional Director at Secure Logiq, who spoke to us about the company’s new office in the Middle East and gave us a small insight to their plans at Intersec 2023

You recently opened up the Dubai office – how much does it mean to the company to be able to open an office in that part of the Middle East?

It’s actually a massive statement for us as a UK company in the server storage workstation technology sector. We are faced with some of the big, big names in the industry who are in the region and have been there for the last 12 years, so for us to open an office, have a presence and have a training centre is a big stake in the ground because we’re committing to the region.

We’re investing in the region and we’re employing in the region, so it’s a big step for a company of our size to make.

Have you noticed an immediate impact from having the office already?

Absolutely, we’ve had some big government bodies and local authorities who have embraced us and come on board with our technology partners. We’re now working very closely with some of the big name brands, who use our storage and our hardware as part of their solution.

The thing about Secure Logiq is that we are quite blinkered in terms of what we do as a company – everybody in the company is engaged into making the hardware that fits everybody else’s software.

We are the perfect solution. We’re not the biggest and there are big names who do hardware for all kinds of other industries, but we’re the only one who focuses on the security industry and that has – in tandem with opening the office – has opened up many doors for us.

We started off in January with one person in the region, now we have five just to cope with what we’re doing. We’ve had a tremendous amount of support from software partners, we’ve had amazing support from consultants who believe and see the benefit in terms of what we’re offering.

In terms of the relationships you’ve been building, how is that side of things going?

Very well and it seems the powers that be who actually look at the kind of equipment that we do, the way we build, the standpoint that we take in performance and what we do for our green credentials and carbon footprint does put us in a different league.

True to the word that we say, we build the hardware to fit the purpose purely for the security industry and that’s why software companies are turning to us now. We’ve got more and more coming in to use our hardware to provide a seamless solution, where it’s always been a difficulty to get to that end product that works well with all kinds of open platform.

Everything at Secure Logiq is purpose built, but has that maybe been more challenging given different regulations in the Middle East?

It’s true that the standards are different and some of the countries within the regions have different standards, but that’s actually a benefit to us because we’re not an off the shelf company.

We don’t take something off the shelf and try to tinker with it, so when people come to us with a project where security really matters, us building products that really fit the bill has never been a challenge.

One of the advantages that we have so far, touch wood, is that our delivery times are anything from two weeks to six weeks. That’s amazing right now – we can still supply, we have components and we’re ahead of the game. We organise ourselves well and we can not only perform and build, but our delivery times are amazing at the moment.

Intersec is very much on the horizon, what have you got up your sleeve?

I can’t say too much! It’s a difficult question to answer right now, because we’re launching some amazing things. Our carbon footprint, the way we design, the way we save energy…as a company, we don’t talk about our carbon footprint, we actually do it.

We’ve proved ourselves to saving energy and we’ve proved ourselves in terms of how we build performance – less rack space etc. What we’re going to showcase at Intersec will be a different view of how a company that’s focused in providing hardware for the security industry are not just ticking the box, but are actually doing it. That’s something to look forward to and I can’t say anymore!

Beyond Intersec, what are your main aims for 2023?

Honestly, they are small steps right now. We’re new in the region and there are people who have been here for the last 10-20 years, so we have to take baby steps. We need to scale up, but we need to take baby steps in doing it.

That said, we do have some announcements to make at Intersec, so for those going, please do come and see us. We’ll have some big news and have some amazing wins to share with all of you.


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