ISC West 2024 kicked off a multi-year journey to zero-waste

ISC West

 ISC West, hosted in collaboration with premier sponsor the Security Industry Association (SIA) and organised by RX, recently wrapped another successful year of programming, drawing over 29,000 industry professionals to Las Vegas.

In line with RX’s journey to achieve net zero by 2040, ISC West 2024 was the first US event to embark on a multi-year mission towards zero waste.

ISC West partnered with MeetGreen – a sustainability consultant in the sustainable event space, to bolster and refine their commitment to sustainability.

With a multi-year goal to divert 90% or more of event material waste away from landfills, ISC West believes it took significant steps to deliver an environmentally responsible and sustainable event.

It feels it did this by:

  • Developing a comprehensive sustainability guide for exhibitors
  • Installing new waste stream receptacles on-site to increase recycling rates
  • Providing recyclable cups and utensils at all retail concession outlets
  • Investing in hand sorting operations, ensuring refuse was placed in the correct recycling, composting, or landfill stream
  • Launching a new exhibitor donation program to help repurpose gently used supplies from booths across the show floor

ISC West’s efforts are further supported by The Venetian Expo & Convention Center’s multiple programs focused on sustainability, including a program that donates uneaten fresh food from catered events, such as trade shows and conventions, to assist those facing food insecurity in southern Nevada.

“Sustainability is a priority for all RX events, including ISC, and will be for years to come,” said Mary Beth Shaughnessy, ISC Event Vice President. “Environmental stewardship is top of mind for many of our exhibitors and attendees across RX. Our goal is to deliver the best possible customer experience – providing the high quality our customers expect, while focusing our efforts on furthering event sustainability and decreasing environmental impact.”

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