ISRM announce the re-launch of the UAE ISRM Chapter


ISRM have made an adventurous and ambitious step as a company by announcing that they have re-launched their UAE ISRM Chapter.

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of the Middle East, the UAE represent a dynamic and vibrant region characterised by its rapid growth, diverse economies, and rich cultural heritage.

The UAE Chapter serves as a collaborative platform, bringing together professionals, thought leaders and industry experts to exchange knowledge, insights and best practices in the field of strategic risk management.

It will strive to foster a community where ideas are shared, connections are made and innovative solutions are developed to tackle the diverse array of risks that organisations face in this dynamic environment.

By leveraging IRSM’s collective expertise and experiences, the UAE Chapter offers a wide range of resources, including workshops, seminars, conferences and networking events, designed to enhance understanding of strategic risk management and its application within the UAE context.

Additionally, ISRM will have Mark Nuttall as the Chair and Adam Green as Vice Chair of the UAE Chapter.


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