ISRM celebrates 5th anniversary


Last month, March 2024, the ISRM celebrated its 5th birthday, growing to become recognised as a genuine global institute of influence, able to both partner and lead in major programmes across all aspects of strategic risk and crisis management.

ISRM Founder and CEO Dr David Rubens, commented: “Looking back, it is hard to believe that is already five years ago, and looking around, it is hard to believe what we have achieved since then.

“We have received unending support from so many people, but particularly those who have offered to take on positions within our various Chapters and working groups.

“We are also grateful to the thousands of people who have offered their love, friendship and support.

“We certainly had no idea, five years ago, that the ISRM would become the global success that it has, and we are almost certainly not able to imagine what we will achieve together in the coming five years.

“Thank you to you all, and we are looking forward to see what else is possible as we move forward from here.”

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