ISRM announces establishment of Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems

Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems

The ISRM is pleased to announce the formal establishment of the ISRM Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems. This is the culmination of extensive endeavors undertaken by the ISRM over the past months in partnership with our global network of collaborating academic, research and policy institutes.

Emerging from its long-standing commitment to engaging with the complexities of today’s strategic risk and crisis management challenges, the ISRM says it is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions through the CSWP’s multidisciplinary research and collaborative initiatives.

The ISRM Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems is driven by three key objectives:

  • It aims to enhance understanding of wicked problems and their intricate nature, unraveling their complexities through rigorous research and analysis
  • The Centre seeks to engage and foster dialogue among academics, young and new professionals and students, creating a vibrant platform for the examination and discussion of wicked problems
  • The Centre strives to advance the platforms for sharing and disseminating research on wicked problems, ensuring that valuable insights and innovative solutions reach a wide audience.

As a pracademic institution dedicated to researching, analysing and addressing wicked problems, the Centre will bring together a diverse community of researchers, scholars, practitioners and students from various disciplines. By embracing the collaborative efforts of individuals from social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, law, engineering and others, the Centre fosters multidisciplinary cooperation to tackle these multifaceted challenges head-on, ISRM said in a statement.

Collaboration lies at the heart of the Centre’s approach, as it actively fosters partnerships and alliances among researchers, policymakers, international governmental organisations, NGOs, civil society organisations, private sector actors and others. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the Centre aims to develop innovative and holistic solutions to wicked problems.

Furthermore, the Centre takes on the vital role of advocacy by raising public awareness about wicked problems and their societal impact. It actively promotes social justice and advocates for change through its research findings and engagement with stakeholders.

To facilitate engagement and dissemination of its work, the Centre has a dedicated website that serves as a hub for information and resources. By striking a balance between depth of content and user-friendly navigation, the website of the ISRM Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems will provide a valuable resource hub for researchers, practitioners and individuals passionate about addressing the world’s most complex challenges.

We invite you to join us and discover the transformative work being undertaken at the ISRM Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems.

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