ISRM invites security professionals to Global Crisis Watch online webinar – Friday March 29


The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) is inviting security professionals to its latest Global Crisis Watch, number 269, taking place Friday, March 29 at 10.00 GMT. Highlighted topics will include the recent Russian concert hall attack, US abstention from UNSC demand for ceasefire in Isreal-Hamas conflict, Zelensky replacing his Security Chief in Ukraine and the recent Baltimore bridge collapse which claimed six lives. See more about the topics, and details of registration below.

Russian Concert Hall Massacre Sparks Blame Game

Masked gunmen attacked a concert at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall on March 23, killing at least 140 and injuring 360. The assailants, reportedly from Tajikistan, used firearms and incendiary devices and the Islamic State claimed responsibility. Russian officials, including President Putin, accused the West and Ukraine of involvement, despite US warnings of an imminent attack. Detentions were made, with suspects facing terrorism charges. International reactions criticised Russia’s accusations, as fears of further jihadist plots in Europe rise.

US Abstains as UNSC Demands Ceasefire in Israel-Hamas Conflict

The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution urging an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The US abstained from the vote, expressing dissatisfaction with the resolution’s failure to condemn Hamas. The resolution also calls for the release of hostages. This abstention marks a shift in US policy and underscores international efforts to end the conflict. The move comes amid mounting civilian casualties and warnings of a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Zelensky Replaces Security Chief Amid Ukraine-Russia Conflict

President Zelensky dismissed National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov, citing undisclosed reasons. Danilov, in office since 2019, oversaw various initiatives like the oligarch registry and sanctions imposition. His replacement, Foreign Intelligence Chief Oleksandr Lytvynenko, previously served as deputy NSDC secretary. Zelensky hinted at broader leadership changes amid ongoing conflict with Russia. The move comes as Ukraine seeks to bolster national security measures.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Six Presumed Dead

Apostleship of the Sea director Andy Middleton confirmed the safety of the DALI cargo ship crew after Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed following a collision. The crew, comprising 22 members from India, was en route to Sri Lanka. The ship’s captain had chosen a longer route to avoid risks along Yemen’s coast. Six construction workers are presumed dead. Investigations into the crash are ongoing, with the National Transportation Safety Board involved. President Biden pledges federal support for bridge reconstruction.

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