ISRM welcomes security professionals to Global Crisis Watch 266


The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) is inviting security professionals and members to join the organisation for its online Global Crisis Watch 266, on Friday, March 8, at 10:00 GMT.

The highlighted topics at the ISRM webinar will include Russia and China considering a plan for a nuclear-powered lunar outpost, the issue of Red Sea data cables being cut as Houthis launch more attacks in the vital waterway, plus the news that a EU group backed plans Rwanda-style migration reforms and a look at American politics, where Biden and Trump dominate so-called “Super Tuesday”.

Russia and China in talks to create nuclear-powered lunar outpost

ISRM says: “Russia and China are considering installing a joint nuclear power plant on the Moon’s surface by 2035. The head of Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, said the nuclear reactor would power future lunar settlements, as solar panels can’t provide enough electricity. He claimed the technology to automate the plant’s construction is nearly ready. Russia also plans a nuclear- powered “space tugboat” for transporting cargo. While Russia denies plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space, the lunar nuclear power initiative raises concerns over militarization of space exploration. Nonetheless, this highlights intensifying international competition to establish a presence on the moon.”

Red Sea data cables cut as Houthis launch more attacks in the vital waterway

ISRM says: “Three undersea internet cables in the Red Sea have been cut, disrupting global telecommunications traffic. While the cause is unclear, there are concerns the cuts may be linked to Yemen’s Houthi rebels targeting the cables as part of their pressure campaign against Israel over Gaza. Separately, the Houthis claimed an attack on an Israeli-linked ship in the Gulf of Aden, setting it on fire though causing no injuries. The incidents risk escalating the crisis and disrupting vital shipping routes for cargo and energy supplies.”

Biden and Trump dominate Super Tuesday

In a historic rematch, Joe Biden and Donald Trump swept state nominating contests on Tuesday, setting up their battle for the November presidential election. Despite low approval ratings, Trump dominated the Republican votes, virtually clinching the nomination. Biden comfortably won Democratic contests, except for a protest vote in Minnesota and losses in American Samoa and Iowa’s mail-in vote. The candidates quickly turned their focus on each other, with Trump attacking Biden’s immigration policies and Biden casting Trump as a threat to democracy.

EU group backed by von der Leyen plans Rwanda-style migration reforms

ISRM says: “The European Commission chief, Ursula von der Leyen, supports controversial migration reforms involving deporting asylum seekers to third countries for processing and imposing quotas on those receiving protection in EU nations. Her party, the European People’s Party, aims to “lower the numbers of arrivals” and separate refugees from irregular migrants ahead of European elections. The policies, similar to the UK’s Rwanda scheme, are seen as a bid to counter the far-right’s rise. However, they risk inflaming tensions within the European Parliament and creating political risks for von der Leyen, who must represent the entire EU’s interests.”

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