Ivanti and Lookout extend strategic partnership to deliver mobile threat defence as part of Ivanti’s Unified Endpoint Management Solution


Ivanti and Lookout, Inc. have announced the extension of their strategic partnership to now include Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security as part of the Ivanti Neurons automation platform.

The combined solution, which also includes Ivanti Go and Ivanti Neurons for Modern Device Management, is a best-in-class security and management solution that enables Ivanti customers to deploy a mobile strategy to secure the hybrid workforce while reducing overall risk to the organisation.

Ivanti is committed to providing innovative, flexible, and secure solutions to its customers. This cloud-based solution is now available as an integrated add-on to Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and the new add-on is fully embedded into the current UEM client, allowing customers to activate the add-on easily and seamlessly without creating friction for their end users.

Earlier this year, Ivanti and Lookout joined forces to help organisations accelerate cloud adoption and mature their Zero Trust security posture in the “Everywhere Workplace.” The joint solution – which includes Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access (ZTA), Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Lookout Secure Web Gateway (SWG) – helps customers achieve complete threat prevention and data security both on-premises and in the cloud, inside and outside the network, while following Zero Trust Access security principles.

The two companies are expanding their strategic partnership to now include Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, powered by the Lookout Cloud Security Platform, which provides advanced mobile security for Android, iOS and Chrome OS devices. The solution embeds Lookout functionality into the Ivanti Go app, consolidating endpoint management and security functions for simple and seamless deployment and administration. Management functions such as locating lost devices, remotely wiping data and applying access control policies now sit alongside security that protects corporate data and credentials from compromise, resulting from mobile phishing attacks, device-level exploits, application malware and network threats.

Together, the joint Ivanti/Lookout solution enables companies to proactively protect all devices – PCs, mobile devices and cloud workloads – from vulnerabilities and attacks. One of the key features of the solution includes protection from web-based and sophisticated attacks that are typically unmonitored and unprotected by traditional solutions.

Additional benefits of the integrated Ivanti/Lookout solution include:

● Detect and mitigate cyber threats targeting mobile devices: The mobile ecosystem presents unique risks to the enterprise that go beyond the capabilities of traditional endpoint security solutions. From the way operating systems are designed to how phishing attacks are delivered, mobile presents a blind spot for any organisation if smartphones and tablets aren’t properly secured. With telemetry from over 210 million mobile devices and 175 million mobile apps, Lookout enables organisations to detect and mitigate cyber threats from one of the most difficult vectors to protect.

● Gain insight and control into mobile devices to meet privacy and compliance requirements: Ivanti customers can reduce their security risk and meet compliance requirements by extending vulnerability management to all mobile devices. By granting admins unprecedented visibility into mobile OS and application vulnerabilities, permissions, and capabilities, IT can build policies that reduce cybersecurity risk by preventing users from downloading apps with excessive permissions or denying access to devices with operating system vulnerabilities.

● Simplify cloud adoption with secure access to SaaS apps from mobile devices: Ivanti customers can ensure that only trustworthy, uncompromised mobile devices are allowed to connect to their SaaS applications. This reduces the risk of data breach from an infected mobile device that introduces malware to the environment or bypasses authentication controls. By continuously monitoring the risk posture of the mobile device, Lookout applies zero trust access controls to ensure only healthy devices and users access corporate data stored in cloud apps.

● Enable the hybrid workforce to work securely from any mobile device: With heavy global adoption of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), it’s critical to be able to protect any iOS, Android, or ChromeOS device that can access sensitive corporate data. The combined Ivanti/Lookout solution provides customers with best-in-class protection against phishing attacks, malicious apps, device compromise and risky network connections that traditional endpoint security solutions do not address.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lookout to provide more options for our customers as they secure an increasingly mobile workforce,” said Srinivas Mukkamala, chief product officer at Ivanti. “With Ivanti Neurons for MTD, machine learning algorithms provide immediate and ongoing visibility into malicious threats across all protected devices. The combination of unified endpoint management and mobile threat defense enables organisations to proactively manage and secure mobile devices against the broadest array of attacks and defend against web-based and sophisticated attacks.”

“Our partnership with Ivanti continues to go from strength to strength – we couldn’t be prouder of our collective commitment to help customers simplify their cloud adoption and secure their hybrid workforce from anywhere, at any time, from any device,” said Jim Dolce, Lookout CEO. “Regardless of an organisation’s access or hosting method, our joint solution addresses the challenges and realities of data protection today, ensuring that CISOs and CIOs have the most seamless, robust solution for securing their data, regardless of where it flows and where it resides.


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