Keeper Security bolsters administrative control over passwords

Keeper Security

Keeper Security have announced improvements to its Admin Console User Interface (UI) and a new onboarding experience.

According to Keeper, the latest updates improve the functionality and aesthetics of Keeper’s Admin Console, providing administrators with powerful, easy-to-use tools to efficiently manage and safeguard their organisations.

“These updates represent a significant advancement in providing administrators with a dynamic, user-centric experience, reinforcing our commitment to simplifying complex cybersecurity management,” said Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-founder of Keeper Security. “Admins are crucial for maintaining robust cybersecurity defences.

“These updates are a direct response to the valuable feedback received from our user community, ensuring that our platform evolves in tandem with their practical needs.”

The changes to Keeper’s UI were guided by Keeper’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback and designed with the administrator in mind. As such, Keeper state that administrators are able to configure settings through simplified navigation.

According to Keeper, This update streamlines information for admins, offering at-a-glance visibility into a range of metrics related to user behaviour, security settings and usage.

Admins who are new to Keeper’s solutions will experience a new onboarding approach, guided by a “Quick Start Checklist” that walks them through the Admin Console and best practices.

The checklist ensures a smooth onboarding, proactively highlighting the key features and functionalities of Keeper that are most beneficial.

Keeper insists that the admin onboarding process promotes a user-friendly workflow, emphasising the most common and critical tasks such as creating admin accounts, inviting new users and configuring role policies.

Keeper believes that these updates will benefit organisations of all sizes, from small businesses with limited staff to large enterprises that must coordinate deployment across multiple IT and security teams within the organisation.

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