Keeper Security introduces Integrated Passphrase Generator


Keeper Security has announced the addition of a passphrase generator to Keeper Web Vault with support on mobile and for the browser extension coming soon.

The release also includes an update to the existing password generator which provides users with new options to meet specific password requirements. 

In addition to being able to include uppercase letters, numbers and symbols, users can now select specific symbols to include or omit, based on the requirements of the website they’re creating the password for.

“We’re excited to introduce Keeper’s new passphrase integration and password generator updates, streamlining users’ ability to create high-strength passphrases and passwords to protect their online accounts,” said Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-founder, Keeper Security. “This advancement not only enhances security for both personal and business users, but also simplifies the user experience, aligning with our commitment to providing cybersecurity solutions that are easily adopted, improve security and increase productivity.”

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