Learn about Logiqal CORE with Secure Logiq’s free webinar

Secure Logiq’s latest webinar will give you the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the latest addition to its portfolio of HD surveillance storage solutions – Logiqal CORE. The free webinar takes place on Tuesday 6th September at 9.30am BST (12.30pm GST, 16.30pm SGT).

“Logiqal CORE is resilient by design,” states Secure Logiq Global Sales Director, Ben Yoxall, who will present the webinar. “We believe it meets the needs of security professionals for every application, anywhere in the world. This is why we have made this free-to-view webinar accessible to everyone.”

The webinar will explain that Logiqal CORE is a software layer that has been designed to provide tailored redundancy for security industry applications and offers benefits to users in two main areas, virtualisation and resilience. With Logiqal CORE, identical or disparate operating systems can be installed on a single server across a number of Virtual Machines (VMs). This overcomes application features and limitations. Implementing Logiqal CORE translates into lower total costs of ownership by reducing the number of physical servers, resources, rack space and power requirements.

No matter what VMS you use, Secure Logiq’s Logiqal CORE offers everything from the simplest like for like failover, through to complicated setups such as multiple remote sites failing to a single site or partial failover if you don’t need full failover for all of your system. Most importantly, Logiqal CORE provides application failover while also replicating your storage function. This means that you will still have your historic archive.

“This webinar will give you a broad understanding of Logiqal CORE and hopefully show you how it could help you in your upcoming projects,” concludes Yoxall. “We will go into a lot of detail about the solution and what you can achieve with it, and we believe there is something in there for everyone.”

To register for the webinar, click here.


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