Lookout announces expanded partnership with Google Cloud

Lookout Inc has announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to deliver endpoint-to-cloud security to organisations around the world. Under this partnership, Lookout has delivered BeyondCorp Alliance product integrations and debuted its Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security solution on Google Cloud Marketplace. Lookout will reportedly bring additional choice of security capabilities for customers on Google Workspace, helping them mitigate the risk of endpoints compromising corporate data.  

For an organisation to fully protect its data, it must assume that no endpoint is trustworthy until its security posture is verified. Failing to verify and continuously assess an endpoint’s security posture can lead to corporate data leaks and breaches. Lookout Continuous Conditional Access continuously assesses the security posture of Android, Chrome OS and iOS endpoints, and delivers it via API to Google Workspace or Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp Enterprise enabling dynamic modification of access controls.  

The integration of Lookout Continuous Conditional Access and Google Cloud Identity reportedly protects corporate data in Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp Enterprise and Google Workspace applications including Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. Continuous Conditional Access, a capability within the Modern Endpoint Protection module of the Lookout Security Platform, is available in the Lookout Essentials package.  

Under a single billing arrangement and using Google Cloud committed spend, Google Cloud customers can now purchase Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security on Google Cloud Marketplace. Widespread adoption of Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones has changed the way corporate data is accessed and stored. The shift to remote work accelerated the use of Google Cloud and Google Workspace, making mobile security critical to securing corporate data.  

“Our strategic partnership with Google Cloud will deliver industry-leading endpoint-to-cloud security,” said David Richardson, Vice President of Product, Lookout. “Enabling productivity from any endpoint in any location is critical in today’s remote-work environment. We are proud to deliver on the BeyondCorp mission to accelerate and simplify the adoption of a Zero Trust model that enables organizations to stay secure, agile and productive.” 

“We’re committed to providing customers with the technology, support, and partner solutions they need to ensure they have choice when it comes to security,” said Manvinder Singh, Director of Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re delighted that Lookout will expand its integrations with Google Cloud and make its Mobile Endpoint Security solution available on Google Cloud Marketplace, bringing customers additional choice and security capabilities as they expand their cloud footprints.” 



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