Lookout named Mobile Security Solution of the Year by the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Program


Lookout, Inc has recently announced that its Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security solution has won the “Overall Mobile Security Solution of the Year” award in the 7th annual CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program conducted by CyberSecurity Breakthrough.

Remote and hybrid work have blurred the lines between personal and work tasks and the boundaries between the two have become indistinguishable – yet many organisations still struggle to secure an increasingly mobile-centric environment.

According to The Global State of Mobile Phishing Report published by Lookout, 2022 saw the highest mobile phishing encounter rate ever, with more than 50% of personal devices exposed to a mobile phishing attack. Lookout estimates the potential annual financial impact of a mobile phishing attack to an organisation of 5,000 employees is nearly $4 million

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is a mobile threat defence solution to deliver mobile endpoint detection and response (mobile EDR). Lookout provides visibility into mobile threats and state-sponsored spyware, while also protecting against mobile phishing and credential theft that can lead to unauthorised access to sensitive corporate data.

The solution analyses telemetry from more than 215 million devices, 269 million apps and more than 500 million web destinations to uncover thousands of new threats each day.

Lookout is FedRAMP JAB P-ATO Authorised and available through CDM DEFEND, trusted by enterprise and government customers alike to protect sensitive data, enabling the workforce to connect freely and safely from any device.

“We are honoured to be named the ‘Overall Mobile Security Solution of the Year’ by CyberSecurity Breakthrough,” said David Richardson, Vice President of Product, Lookout. “This is further validation of the ability for the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security solution to provide organisations with detection, remediation and prevention capabilities across the entire spectrum of mobile risk, allowing them to effectively manage and reduce that risk.

“With Lookout, organisations can seamlessly integrate mobile security into their existing security and mobile management solutions, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive security strategy that protects highly sensitive data across the entire organisation.”

The mission of the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards is to honour excellence and recognise the innovation, hard work and success in a range of information security categories, including Cloud Security, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, Mobile Security, Email Security and many more. This year’s program attracted thousands of nominations from over 20 different countries around the world.

“Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security allows organisations to better understand the extent of their risks by increasing visibility posed by mobile devices across the organisation. After all, most organisations don’t have full visibility into how mobile devices within their company process data,” said Steve Johansson, managing director, CyberSecurity Breakthrough. “For most people, their mobile phones are where their personal lives converge with work, increasing the chance of company data ending up in the wrong hands.

“Congratulations to Lookout for developing a solution that tirelessly protects and secures an organisation’s users and their devices, in a mobile-first world.”


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