Macnica and Dragos to deliver OT cybersecurity to critical infrastructure and manufacturing control systems in Japan


Dragos and Macnica Corporation have signed an agency agreement to provide Dragos’s OT cybersecurity solutions in Japan and have announced availability.

Challenges and Background of OT Security

Cyber risks are rapidly increasing in critical infrastructure and manufacturing, driven by the rise of threat groups targeting OT and the rise in ransomware attacks. In particular, cyber attacks on critical infrastructure risk impairing societal functions, and countermeasures are urgently needed.

The Japanese government is also planning to introduce an examination system to check whether sufficient measures to protect systems are being applied to critical infrastructure in 14 industries, including electricity and gas.

Strengthening OT security has become an important theme. Countermeasures include cyber hygiene (defence approach to prevent incidents) and cyber resilience (early detection of incidents, early minimisation of damage).

Both are important, but it can be difficult to respond comprehensively, given that the threats and countermeasures in OT environments are different than in IT environments and require specialised knowledge and technologies.

Dragos Products, Services, and Intelligence Offered Through Macnica

Macnica supports the promotion of effective OT cybersecurity measures by addressing customers’ OT security risks as a companion partner, by selecting products and services according to their issues and situations, introducing them, and providing operational support after introduction.

Dragos Platform:
– A platform that provides visibility into assets, network communication, and vulnerabilities; detection of potential threats or breaches; and playbooks for forensics and response.
-Neighborhood Keeper option for “collective defense” that anonymously aggregates the detection status of threats for each industry and shares them in a timely manner.

Leveraging the power of the Dragos Platform, Professional Services include:

– OT Cybersecurity Architecture Review, which evaluates the design and implementation of the OT network; identifying security issues and providing actionable recommendations to improve the security posture of the OT environment.
– Compromise Assessment, included as part of an OT Cybersecurity Architecture Review or available as a standalone service, provides visibility within an OT environment, inspecting traffic samples for vulnerabilities, threat behaviors, and indicators of compromise.

– Products that provide useful information for countermeasures, such as the latest knowledge (incident analysis, attack TTP/IoC, vulnerability) and situation reports specialized for OT.

“We are confident that Dragos OT cybersecurity solutions will help protect Japanese businesses,” said Takashi Hoshino, Vice President, Macnica Networks Company. “The partnership with Dragos is a critical cornerstone in our commitment to increasingly connected local industrial systems. We are thrilled to work with Dragos as a leader in industrial security across the globe.”

“Japanese companies are renowned for innovation as well as their commitment to societal good, and we are honoured that our OT cybersecurity solutions will help protect Japanese businesses and communities at a time of rapid digital transformation,” said Christophe Culine, Vice President of Global Sales and Chief Revenue Officer, Dragos. “Bringing Dragos’s technology to Japan is key to our growth strategy and we are thrilled to enter the market through Macnica, given the company’s esteemed reputation, history in the country, and commitment to helping Japanese businesses.

“Macnica’s proven models deliver optimised value to each customer in its extensive customer base. This direction is aligned with our mission to safeguard civilisation.”


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