Maxxess: 7 effective strategies for school safety


Maxxess has released a new guide, introducing seven actionable strategies for strengthening school security within the constraints of budgetary considerations. It systematically addresses common challenges and proposes viable solutions for surmounting them, aiming to create a fortified yet financially feasible security framework for schools.

According to Maxxess, the guide has been written in response to growing security concerns within educational environments, ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff is a critical priority.

Understanding the landscape of school security

In 2023, there were 38 school shootings, a decrease from the peak in 2022 but still the second-highest annual total since Education Week started tracking in 2018, Maxxess says. Despite fewer injuries and deaths, the persistently high number of shootings underscores the critical need for comprehensive school safety measures, including both physical security and mental health services.

The impact of school shootings extends beyond the immediate victims to affect entire communities, stressing the importance of a multifaceted approach to school safety. These incidents highlight the challenges schools face in ensuring safety, particularly at less controlled events like sporting events.

Efforts to enhance school security continue, with an emphasis on both improving physical infrastructure and offering more robust mental health support. The aim is to create a safer educational environment amid ongoing concerns about gun violence, ensuring the well-being of students and staff alike.

Proactive measures for school safety

Adopting a multi-faceted approach to security can significantly mitigate risks such as:

Enhanced access control

  • Utilise advanced entry systems (e.g., biometric, key cards, PIN codes) seamlessly integrated with administrative tools like Active Directory for streamlined management.
  • Emphasise the importance of routine maintenance to ensure system reliability.

Strategic video surveillance

  • Deploy cameras at critical points to monitor access while respecting privacy norms, especially in non-private areas.
  • Assess the financial implications to find a balance between coverage and cost.

Effective lockdown protocols

  • Develop swift lockdown capabilities featuring alarms, communication systems, and emergency lighting, customised for various threat levels.
  • Regular drills and mass notification systems are crucial for preparedness.

Secure door locking mechanisms

  • Invest in superior lock systems, including electronic variants for centralized management, ensuring doors remain locked during operational hours with controlled entry points.

Utilisation of mobile solutions

  • Implement mobile applications for remote surveillance and system management, offering swift responses to security breaches.

Robust visitor management

  • Enhance visitor screening through single-entry funnels and vestibules, backed by mobile applications for efficient check-ins, ID verification, and background checks.

Comprehensive communication networks

  • Establish emergency communication channels (text, email) fully integrated with safety protocols to ensure a unified response mechanism.
Best Practices for Navigating Safety Obstacles

Maintain strict access control and visitor management protocols to ensure a secure environment:

  • Regularly update security technologies and integrate them with efficient management systems.
  • Enforce security policies and train all stakeholders in emergency procedures.
  • Leverage mobile technology for dynamic monitoring and control of security measures.
Advocating for safe learning spaces

School safety is a collaborative venture that requires ongoing commitment to security practices, technology, and community engagement, Maxxess says. By adopting these strategies, educational institutions can foster a secure and nurturing environment for all. Success stories from schools that have implemented these measures attest to their efficacy in creating safer learning spaces, Maxxess notes.

For detailed insights into cutting-edge school security solutions and to explore tailored security strategies, consider engaging with Maxxess security professionals for a comprehensive assessment and customised plan.

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