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Smart cities are very much on the horizon, but how can we optimise data for smart city security environments? Maxxess Systems explains.

As over half the world’s population now resides in cities, urban centres continue to swell. By 2050, 70% of people will live in cities, according to the World Bank.

City officials are accelerating smart city initiatives to improve public safety, infrastructure, and basic services. But how can these cities enhance the tracking, security, and optimisation of their ever-growing data pools? Here are five effective strategies.

Enhance IIoT and Data Collection

Urban centers benefit greatly from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which revolutionises city operations. Maxxess Systems advocates for an API-centric, open approach to fully leverage IIoT’s potential.

Flexible, open architecture physical security platforms, like eFusion, allow smart cities to integrate cutting-edge technology. This aids in modernising public safety and other city services such as traffic management, lighting, and waste collection.

Officials can then streamline operations and automate processes by analysing data from diverse sources in a unified view.

Boost Cybersecurity and Privacy

With the expansion of technology use in cities, the importance of securing data and protecting privacy escalates. Cities are targets for cyber threats, heightening the need for robust security tools to enhance risk mitigation and foster community trust.

Solutions include hardening edge devices to prevent them from becoming cyberattack entry points. Smart cities should adopt security platforms with multiple layers of defence, including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and rigorous authorisation protocols.

Maxxess claims that their eFusion product supports additional security measures, such as video anonymity features, proactive password change notifications, and swift software updates.

Leverage Video Analytics with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning and deep learning, is reshaping how cities manage and classify data. These technologies aid in detecting patterns and making informed decisions, with humans in control.

For instance, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology gathers valuable data on vehicle movements and parking management.

Forensic search tools enable law enforcement to efficiently review video footage to locate specific vehicles or activities within set time frames.

Strengthen Community Partnerships

Smart city security extends beyond city-managed systems. Many organisations and residents use video surveillance, which, when accessible to city officials, can significantly enhance crime response.

Implementing cloud-based Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS) allows for secure sharing of video evidence and case files between law enforcement and legal teams, and supports community engagement programs for streamlined evidence gathering.

This process enhances the breadth of data collection across the city and expedites case resolutions.

Facilitate In-Field Data Sharing

Unifying various systems and data sources under one platform boosts city productivity and situational awareness. It’s crucial to also connect the people involved.

Implementing mobile and web applications enables first responders to access essential information on-the-go. Integrating wearable body devices with real-time crime centres ensures all parties are informed and synchronised during emergencies.

Mobile DEMS apps further assist in-field officers to gather and upload evidence directly from witnesses or through interviews, enhancing case management efficiency.

Building a Successful Smart City in the Digital Age

The effective collection, security, and utilisation of data are key to transforming smart city initiatives. However, cities must also focus on foundational success criteria prioritised by leading global cities to foster continuous growth and improvement in their smart city frameworks.

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