Maxxess Systems partners with Digital Watchdog

Maxxess Systems and Digital Watchdog have formed a partnership to deliver a complete video surveillance solution for managing security threats. This solution is set to help organisations detect security threats in real time as well as trigger immediate automated security system protocols and then taking appropriate actions in unity with their policies and tracking results in completion.

Bringing together two key elements, the video surveillance systems from Digital Watchdog and the eFusion security management platform from Maxess, this new integration will allow customers to connect to different video systems simultaneously, providing a single user interface.

For example, the system can associate an alarm event to specific cameras. If a door is forced open, the system can be set up to call cameras from the Digital Watchdog so that the security team can validate whether or not there was a break in.

“We pride ourselves in being able to utilise existing products the customer already has whenever possible,” said Nancy Islas, President of Maxxess Systems, “This new complete solution integrates the latest video surveillance technology with our security management system that provides a single user interface for all video to guide managers as they follow through to ensure the safety and security of their staff and visitors.”

“We are excited to welcome Maxxess Systems as a Technology Partner into the DW Spectrum ecosystem,“ said Patrick Kelly, Director of IP Solutions, Digital Watchdog. “This integration combines the best of two leading platforms, in the physical security space, to create a powerful solution for users by increasing situational awareness and coordinating their security.”

In other news, Maxxess Systems and Digital Watchdog will be hosting a joint works with DW Spectrum webinar on June 8th, 2021.


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