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Davidhorn has been Europe’s leading provider of technical interview solutions for police forces and investigative authorities for more than 40 years. In addition to providing technology, we want to equip interviewers with latest professional skills and knowledge about ethical investigative interview methods. By optimising the interview situation and protecting the integrity of all involved, we will deliver a toolkit for impartial, trustworthy evidence, designed to protects civil rights, unlock the truth and equip justice. Worldwide.

Davidhorn’s product suite consists of a range of recording solutions, and an interview management system, designed with law enforcement in mind. Our suite is ensures reliable and efficient collection and processing of evidence to aid in investigative interviewing. Our Capture Mobile App enables investigators or anyone else working with investigative interviewing to quickly and easily record interviews on the go. The Davidhorn Fixed Recorder provides a high-quality recording solution for interview rooms, both for suspects and witnesses. The Portable Recorder is ideal for use in the field, allowing police, social workers or investigators to capture evidence securely and efficiently. Additionally, our interview management software, Ark Interview Management, streamlines the evidence gathering process, providing a comprehensive solution for law enforcement agencies. The central server solution can be located on premise or in the cloud, and has time-saving features like speach-to-text, translations and auto-generated summaries

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Portable Recorder

The worlds smallest fully featured PACE compliant interview recorder.

Fixed Recorder

The Davidhorn Fixed recorder, flexible PACE compliant recorder for custody.

Capture Mobile App

The Evidence Capture Mobile App.

Ark Interview Management

Ark Interview Management Solution

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