Milestone Systems showcase innovative city solutions at Smart City Expo in Barcelona

Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems have had a successful trip to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, as they to showed how video technology can transform cities and make them safer, cleaner and better to live.

The event took place in Barcelona from November 15-17 and Milestone Systems, alongside other innovative companies, governments and organisations from all over the world, showcased solutions that serve a single purpose: to move cities towards a better, cleaner and safer future.

At Milestone’s Smart City Expo booth, the company showcased several specific solutions for smart cities and together with many of their close community partners, they presented solutions within Video Technology, Mobility, Livability, Emergency Response and Data Insights.

Intel, Dell, A.I. Tech, FF Group, XXII, HALO, G2K and Axis were Milestone’s partners at Smart City Expo and speaking about the event, Jos Beernink – Vice President for EMEA at Milestone Systems – believes that it is time to push ahead with video technology developments, in order to make cities better to live in.

“The future is now,” Beernink said. “Technology is already a key enabler today for city planners to accelerate the journey towards the smart, safe city utilising the latest innovations in video technology.

“And we will only see this development increase in the coming years. At Milestone, we will play a crucial role in this important transformation worldwide, as more and more people move to cities.

“It’s time to exploit the full potential of video technology to create a better quality of life in cities – with safer environments, better infrastructures and cleaner streets and public spaces.


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