MLA secure training facilities with Mul-T-Lock eCLIQ


The Master Locksmith Association (MLA) has once again turned to Mul-T-Lock to install its innovative eCLIQ solution at its state-of-the-art training facilities based at its headquarters, to provide a high level of access control.

The MLA is committed to fostering excellence within the industry by offering professional training, accreditation, and support to its members.

To uphold its dedication to safety and security, the MLA installed Mul-T-Lock eCLIQ to its main training doors as an electronic locking system. eCLIQ presents full control over access to the facilities, ensuring only authorised individuals could access designated areas.

Says Steffan George, Managing Director of the MLA: “As the MLA, we maintain the highest standards of security throughout our site.  To ensure total access control and allow only authorised entry to our training facilities, in which we have heavily invested, we installed eCLIQ from Mul-T-Lock to provide our staff and members with a safe and secure environment.

“The addition of eCLIQ presents our team with a simple and intelligent way to manage access for staff and members. It’s ideal for tutors who need access over the weekends when we don’t have to worry about keys being stolen, or staff having to be there to pass keys over etc. We can simply give keys out and activate them when they are needed.  The installation was seamless as it’s the same process as a mechanical cylinder and the system’s user-friendly software makes it simple to manage and maintain, all in real-time.”

At its core, Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ is an electronic locking system that combines the flexibility and convenience of electronic access control with the reliability of programmable keys and cylinders. 

The strong encryption technique used by eCLIQ is one of its main benefits. The programming of each eCLIQ key and cylinder with a unique code ensures maximum security and offers protection against unauthorised duplication.  The addition of a traceable audit trail enhances accountability and facilitates incident investigations should the need arise.

Claire Blakemore, Mul-T-Lock UK Managing Director added: “At Mul-T-Lock we appreciate the opportunities presented in working in partnership with the MLA. Whilst the office is protected with our high security MTL800, the dedicated training facilities required enhanced access control.  eCLIQ with its advanced encryption, traceable audit trail, and seamless integration provides the team with the confidence and peace of mind needed to offer a safe and secure learning environment. 

“We look forward to continuing our close working relationship with the MLA, especially with the upcoming Expo in October where we are thrilled to be Diamond partners.  We will continue to support them with any future security needs they or their members may require, whether for mechanical or electronic access control solutions.”


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