Morse Watchmans K-12 school key control solutions improve operations and emergency response time

Morse Watchmans

Morse Watchmans has a full lineup of key control solutions that is bolstering security at K-12 schools nationwide.

As a result of their key control solutions, schools are improving security operations, reducing costs, and facilitating better response times after an incident.

Highlights include innovations like the Morse Watchmans’ Emergency Key Grab (EKG) Kit, which provides first responders with secure, fast access to keys in the event of a facility lockdown.

“Harnessing our specialised key management expertise, we’ve developed a comprehensive key control solution for K-12 schools that is boosting peace of mind for administrators, teachers, students and parents alike,” said Tim Purpura, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “Key management systems are a smart investment for K-12 schools, cutting security costs by preventing lost keys and controlling access for authorised staff.

“By deploying a centralised key control system, schools enhance security by ensuring keys are housed securely and are easily accessible to first responders.”

Addressing K-12 challenges, such as limited budgets and maximising efficiency with less technology, Morse Watchmans states that their advanced key management brings an effective solution to safeguard students and staff, optimise operations, and allow first responders rapid access during an emergency.

Using this solution, keys are stored securely in an electronic key cabinet, granting access only to authorised users with credentials. This allows schools to mitigate the risks of unauthorised entry or lost keys.

Leveraging integrated software expands its capabilities, allowing administrators to configure access, generate reports, and receive notifications. Software can connect with other systems such as video surveillance and access control for broader situational awareness.

The centralised key control systems allow quick access for first responders in the event of a lockdown. Working hand in hand with Morse Watchmans’ Emergency Key Grab (EKG) kit, first responders will have quick access to keys during an incident, allowing faster response times when seconds count.

The EKG Kit includes the following technology:

  • One-module or greater KeyWatcher Touch System, an electronic key control system that stores facility keys in a key cabinet, only to be accessed by those with the proper permissions.
  • Morse Watchmans’ colour-coded SmartKeys and KeyRings that track access to master facility keys. Coloured red, these accessories are designed to be easily identifiable by responding personnel.
  • K-12 playbook hard copies and one-on-one educational training from Morse Watchmans.

The staggering statistic that more than 370,000 U.S. students have experienced gun violence in the past two decades, alongside mounting concerns for teacher safety, underscores the urgent need for preemptive measures to protect lives.

As such, establishing robust key control systems is crucial to creating secure educational environments for both students and educators.

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