Motorola Solutions introduces the Compass Decision Management System

Motorola Solutions has announced the launch of the Compass Decision Management System (Compass), reportedly providing organisations with security intelligence that helps users prevent human error. By outlining standard procedures, Compass automates incident reporting and highlights performance indicators to achieve effective and consistent outcomes. 

By enabling security managers to customise step-by-step procedures that guide their teams, Compass advises on how to best respond to real-time events such as intercom calls, intrusion and fire alarms, video analytic events or addressing a technical issue. This is aided by video streams and audio calls so that users are able to provide prescriptive and consistent responses to incidents.

In addition, Compass integrates with Motorola Solutions’ video management and access control systems to improve the consistency and effectiveness of their team’s responses. By integrating with Avigilon Control Centre, Avigilon Access Control Manager, Pelco VideoXpert and IndigoVision Control Centre, Compass becomes a key element of a combined solution of video management, access control and decision management.

“Motorola Solutions is delivering the technologies that companies need to achieve their security goals,” said John Kedzierski, Senior Vice President Video Security & Analytics at Motorola Solutions. “By combining Compass with our video management and access control solutions, organisations are able to gain full visibility into their security operations and enable them to be efficient and effective in every response.”


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