Motorola Solutions launches Concealed Weapon Detection

Through an agreement with Evolv Technologies, Motorola Solutions has introduced Concealed Weapon Detection (CWD), the newest addition to its video security and analytics portfolio.

The new solution reportedly uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to detect a wide range of concealed weapons and threats, such as firearms, metallic weapons and improvised explosive devices, on a visitor entering a premises. Designed to allow up to 3,600 visitors to walk through one of the scanning systems per hour, the solution is designed to distinguish between personal items and weapons without having to conduct pat downs or empty pockets.

If a threat is detected, an alert is displayed on an Express tablet showing the location of the potential threat on the person’s body, or in their bag, to security operators. Alerts are sent directly to Motorola Solutions’ video management system, Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) which automatically notifies and shares live video with the facility’s security team so they have precise awareness of the situation and can support an immediate response. 

In addition, the sensitivity levels on the CWD solution can be adjusted to align with the safety needs of a facility based on their anticipated threat-scenarios. This capability allows for the technology to identify and flag new threat profiles over time, and enables security personnel to manage data and insights that help to provide a safe and positive experience for visitors and staff. 

“Through the use of AI, we are automating and unifying workflows to better protect people against the threat of violence,” said John Kedzierski, Senior Vice President, Video Security & Analytics at Motorola Solutions. “Concealed Weapon Detection is an excellent example of how technology can help enterprises prevent threats from turning into tragedies.”


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