Moxa introduces all-in-one industrial secure router series

Moxa Inc has introduced the new EDR-G9010 Series; a line of all-in-one firewall/NAT/VPN/switch/routers which reportedly act as robust defence for industrial networks in diverse applications such as smart manufacturing and critical infrastructure. Moxa’s EDR-G9010 Series industrial secure routers offer 10-port GbE performance and defence-in-depth security capabilities to fulfil the needs of bandwidth-hungry applications that require field-proven reliability and multi-layered security.

With more and more cybersecurity incidents occurring in operational technology (OT) systems, enhancing industrial network security becomes a key priority for business owners and chief security officers. However, in OT environments, network requirements are not just concerned with security, but also focus on keeping operations functioning smoothly.

“With the launch of the new EDR-G9010 Series, Moxa brings a tailor-made network security solution for OT environments”, says Kevin Huang, Product Manager at Moxa Networking. “We recommend our customers to use the EDR-G9010 Series industrial secure routers to segment their networks as a first line of defense and prevent threats from propagating to the rest of the network. Furthermore, users can leverage its advanced OT Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, firewall, NAT, and VPN features to achieve multi-layered security.

“Last but not least, the 10-port Gigabit performance, faster boot time, and Layer 2/Layer 3 redundancy help ensure the availability of industrial networks. The EDR-G9010 Series combines all these powerful functions into a single compact, rugged, industry-certified industrial secure router. Overall, the EDR-G9010 series will be Moxa’s future proof secure routing platform, with additional capabilities being added over time.”

The EDR-G9010 Series industrial secure routers offer:

Advanced Network Protection with Network Segmentation and Advanced DPI

Within one field site, the EDR-G9010 Series industrial secure routers can help build a security boundary by segmenting OT and IT networks and feature advanced DPI technology to give users more granular control over network traffic by filtering industrial protocols based on the requirements of the application. Moxa will continuously extend the DPI protocol coverage.

Starting with Modbus TCP/UDP and DNP3 Moxa will add specifically power market related protocols in 2022.
When remote connections across multiple sites are needed, the EDR-G9010 Series’ embedded IPsec VPN ensures safe industrial network communication channels when accessing the private network from the public Internet.

Future-proof platform for OT Intrusion Prevention

The superb computing power of the EDR-G9010 platform enables it to run an Intrusion Prevention Module, which will safely block ransomware, malware, viruses and other cybersecurity threats in OT networks. This signature-based scanning technology will move traffic filtering and asset visibility in OT networks to an unprecedented level. This module is licensed on demand and will be available by mid of 2022.

Better Performance with High Bandwidth and Faster Boot Times

With the number of connected devices constantly growing, the EDR-G9010 Series is capable of achieving high throughput while providing robust security, perfect for bandwidth-hungry applications. Meanwhile, the faster boot time helps reduce system downtime during regular maintenance or in the event of an emergency recovery situation.

More Versatility

The EDR-G9010 Series caters to the needs of different networks, whether it is the need for a firewall, network address translation (NAT), remote VPN communications, switching, or routing. These secure routers are also certified for IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613, NEMA TS2, ATEX Zone 2, and Class I Division 2. The accessible and versatile all-in-one design makes these devices ideal for securing industrial applications such as in power substations, intelligent transportation systems, oil and gas, and smart manufacturing.

IEC-62443 hardened

Secure routers play a pyramidal role in security architecture and need to be security hardened. Hence EDR-G9010 hardware and software has been developed with Moxa’s IEC-62443-4-1 certified process and is ready to meet the IEC-62443-4-2 requirements up to Security Level 2.

EDR-G9010 Series 10-port Gigabit Industrial Secure Router Highlights

• All-in-one firewall/NAT/VPN/switch/router
• 8-port TX GbE and 2-port SFP GbE
• Comprehensive redundancy mechanisms, including Turbo Ring and VRRP
• Wide -40 to 75°C operating temperature (-T model)
• Advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for Modbus TCP/UDP and DNP3 traffic and 104 and MMS (available in Q1, 2022).
• Certified for IEC 61850-3, NEMA TS2, ATEX Zone 2, Class I Division 2, EN 50121-4, DNV, IEC-62443-4-2 SL 2 (available in Q4 2022).
To enhance network security visibility, the EDR-G9010 Series is also compatible with Moxa’s MXview network management software. With MXview, users can e.g., visualise the achieved security level of IEC-62443 ready Moxa devices, perform regular configurations backups, and have an at-a-glance overview of the network’s performance.


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