MyCena boosts payment security in card processing businesses to reduce fraud


Access Segmentation and Encryption Management outfit, MyCena Security Solutions, has announced the addition of a new feature to its MyCena Desk Center (MDC) platform, designed to reduce payment card fraud at organisations processing financial transactions on behalf of customers.

Organisations like retailers, travel agencies or buying offices, store payment card information for their customers in order to make payments on their behalf.

But when it comes to storing the financial data of their customers, lists of payment card information are often stored in Excel spreadsheets or on paper, where sensitive card details are kept in plain text accessible to all employees, which is a leading cause of fraud

Requested and co-designed with its own customers to help address this problem, MyCena has developed and released a new payment card feature on its MyCena Desk Center platform to store each payment card separately and make it only accessible by employees from a controlled multi-layered security fortress.

Without any infrastructure change, companies can upload all payments cards to the MyCena console where they are stored encrypted. Employees then access card information via the MyCena Desk Center application, where they look for the card they need by individual company code or name, and click on it to access its details without ever having to see them.

“Everyone knows that financial information is the primary target for criminals, so securing this information is critical to any business that stores customer payment card details,” said Julia O’Toole, CEO of MyCena Security Solutions. “Using MyCena’s unique and easy-to-use system, the organisation can now control who has access to which cards and control which payment card has been accessed by whom and when.

“It is so easy but represents a major improvement in card processing security, control and auditing,”


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