NCSC publishes online cyber security training for schools

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has recently produced an online training package designed to protect schools from cyber attacks. Available as a scripted powerpoint presentation on the company website, the package offer school staff four steps for building basic cyber security safeguards, including how to defend against phishing attempts, the effective use of passwords, and how to properly secure devices.

Following the rise in cyber attacks on education establishments in the last month, the new training from NCSC also focuses on the main threats schools face and outlines the severe impact cyber incidents can have. For example, one case study shows how a school lost a substantial sum of fees after reception staff fell victim to a phishing scam.

“It’s absolutely vital for schools and their staff to understand their cyber risks and how to better protect themselves online,” said Sarah Lyons, NCSC Deputy Director for Economy and Society Engagement. “That’s why we’ve created an accessible, free training package offering practical steps on cyber security to help busy professionals boost their defences.”

NCSC said the launch of the training builds on a raft of support given to schools since research it commissioned in 2019 found 92% of UK schools would welcome more cyber security awareness training for staff. Lyons added: “By familiarising themselves with this resource, staff can help reduce the chances of children’s vital education being disrupted by cyber criminals.”


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