Nedap introduces uPASS Go: the next generation reader in long-range vehicle access control


Nedap is proud to introduce uPASS Go: the next generation reader in long-range vehicle access control. As the latest addition to Nedap’s esteemed uPASS product line, uPASS Go establishes a new standard in managing vehicle entry for basic gates, like car parks, gated communities, and staff parking zones. Designed to blend significant commercial appeal with the latest technological advancements, uPASS Go transforms the landscape of vehicle access control to be smarter, more secure, and exceptionally efficient, the company says.

Nedap’s uPASS Go is the successor of the uPASS Reach, widely recognised as our most cost-effective solution for vehicle access points. uPASS Go leverages cutting-edge UHF RFID technology to provide reliable vehicle identification from up to 10 metres (33 feet). This product is said to be perfectly suited for managing access in environments such as car parks, gated communities, and staff parking zones.

According to Nedap, it seamlessly integrates with existing access control systems, supporting key industry-standard interfaces like Wiegand, OSDP, and TCP-IP protocols. Features like a new mounting bracket and service hatch simplify the installation process, enhancing operational convenience. “With uPASS Go, we’re setting a new benchmark in the field of vehicle access control. Its user centric design simplifies the installation process, makes it easy to implement and convenient to use. It meets the stringent demands of modern security professionals and offers a forward-thinking solution to access challenges.” – Edwin Grobbink, Product Manager at Nedap.

Smooth traffic flow at vehicle access points

As part of Nedap’s extensive uPASS product range, the uPASS Go benefits from our longstanding expertise in passive UHF solutions. uPASS Go ensures quick and secure identification of vehicles, which helps maintain smooth traffic flow and creates a welcoming entry experience. The reader is designed to be adaptable, providing robust security across vehicle access points like car parks, gated communities, and staff parking zones.

Proven expertise and value

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in automatic vehicle identification, Nedap has designed the uPASS Go to be both cost-effective and technologically advanced. This combination makes it an ideal choice for access control points where affordability and high functionality are required. Nedap’s commitment to sustainability and user-friendliness makes the uPASS Go a continuation of our legacy of innovation in access control technology.

Explore the full potential of uPASS Go

Discover how uPASS Go can streamline your vehicle access control by visiting our product page.

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