Nedap Security Management announces AEOS Locker Management

Nedap Security Management introduces AEOS Locker Management – a new solution to the growing demand for safe and flexible storage space within the new business environment. Combining security functionality with locker management and access control, this newly announced solution differentiates Nedap Security Management within the market. 

More people than ever now work in hybrid roles with variable working hours. This means the need for secure and flexible storage space is growing, especially for collaborative and shared working environments. This makes lockers an essential and valuable investment for many organisations embracing hybrid working methods. The intelligent AEOS Locker Management system works flexibly, intuitively, and can manage and secure an unlimited number and variety of lockers. From asset management to storage, and from cloakrooms to drop off locations, smart lockers have a variety of uses. 

AEOS Locker Management is an integral part of the AEOS platform, a well-known and industry-leading access control system used by many enterprise companies worldwide. By using a centralised system, management of access to doors and lockers is streamlined. The renewed system offers various possibilities for personal access in environments ranging from offices and schools to hospitals, gyms and beyond. The system is also customisable. For example, a locker can be assigned to one specific person or, if it is shared property, multiple authorised individuals.

The lockers are reportedly easily unlocked and secured using a badge, mobile phone, QR code or biometric code. Locker access can also be limited to a specific period of time or set to minimal restrictions via the AEOS dashboard. All lockers are protected against fraud and cyber-attacks as part of the enhanced security features.

Geert Leemkuil, Product Owner at Nedap Security Management has this to say about AEOS Locker Management: “AEOS Locker Management is adaptable to every work situation something that is essential in today’s flexible business environment. With it, we are responding to the needs of customers and end users for the safe and smart management of their belongings and materials. We provide security for employees and employers, allowing them to focus on their work without having to worry about security and access. It is for this reason that I am proud to bring this complete and flexible solution to the market.” 


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