Network Optix display insight and innovation at Embedded Vision Summit 2024

Network Optix

Network Optix (Nx) had a very successful Embedded Vision Summit, which is a gathering highlighting the latest advancements in the realm of (edge) vision and AI applications.

Nx had discussions with software engineers building new edge AI and vision applications, looking to scale them to a global level – which is exactly where they feel what the Nx Toolkit can help them to accomplish.

In addition, Nx also engaged with visionaries pushing the boundaries of new edge AI hardware and algorithms. According to Maurtis Kaptein, Chief Data Scientist at Network Optix, there were their key takeaways from the event:

  • Network Optix demonstrated the Nx Server, the company’s extremely lightweight media server that they claim makes connecting, consuming and storing video streams as easy as possible – running on edge devices ranging from small, ARM32-based, body-worn cameras to larger edge boxes supporting hundreds of video streams simultaneously.
  • Nx also showcased Nx Go: Specifically built for the transportation industry, Nx Go bundles the company’s strengths in managing video streams, managing locations, and effectively overseeing a whole city’s transportation system through a unified portal, performing as an operating system for transportation.
  • Nx presented Nx EVOS, the company’s Enterprise Video Operating System. Network Optix states that Nx EVOS is the foundational layer for everything video – it is the platform that powers Nx Go, Nx Witness, and other products built with Nx. Building on Nx EVOS, and using the many developer tools available in the Nx Toolkit, Nx feel they have demonstrated how to build global-scale video applications. The latest addition to the Nx Toolkit, Nx AI Manager, makes deploying AI models on any video stream from an edge device effortless.
  • Robin van Emden provided several live coding sessions at the nx booth, demoing how to take an AI model trained to execute a vision task – for example, reading the state of an industrial gauge – and scale it globally in an instant. Using Nx EVOS and the tools in the toolkit, Robin demonstrated how the Nx Toolkit can take your solution form a trained model to multi-camera deployment, visualisation, data management, and user management in minutes.

In addition to the activities and demos at the booth, Network Optix also had the opportunity to give talks during EVS. Kaptein had the honour to give a talk called “Scaling Vision-Based Edge AI Solutions: From Prototype to Global Deployment,” detailing the challenges the field faces in jointly growing the market and moving beyond proof of concepts.

Robin van Emden also provided a live coding session called “Building and Scaling AI Applications with the Nx AI Manager,” which was hands-on and developer-focused, demonstrating how to use the Nx Toolkit to build on Nx EVOS.

Finally, Network Optix’s CEO Nathan Wheeler gave a talk called “Nx EVOS: A New Enterprise Operating System for Video and Visual AI,” detailing the history of EVOS and the necessity of having an operating system for your video across all verticals.

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