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In this exclusive Security on Screen Q&A, Tony Luce, VP of Product Marketing at Network Optix discusses the company’s video application solutions, their membership with the Edge AI + Vision Alliance and their current presence within the EMEA.

What does Network Optix’s recent #1 VMS ranking from IPVM mean for the company as a whole?

Nx’s recent #1 VMS ranking from IPVM means we’re doing a pretty good job of giving users of all types – tech partners, integrators, and end-users – a product that they like, that is easy to use, and that solves the core problems they face when building intelligent video systems.

What are the key features and benefits of the v5.0 Nx Beta?

Our v5.0 Beta is not ready for public discussion yet – but some of the key features of this release include archive encryption, 2 Factor Authentication, advanced object-driven forensic search, and metadata-driven archive backup options.

How does Nx Meta simplify the process of creating VsaaS solutions?

It’s pretty simple – Nx Meta is a full-stack intelligent video platform. It includes Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, and Server applications. It allows companies to go from “we have nothing” to “we have an awesome video product” in a matter of weeks, saving them hundreds of thousands of hours in developing and launching an enterprise-capable intelligent video product. They get to work on tailoring the product to work with their existing tech stack with features relevant to their own markets while we develop the core features necessary for any enterprise video application

Network Optix recently announced it has joined the Edge AI + Vision Alliance – what do you hope this new membership will bring to the market?

More awareness that platforms like Network Optix exists – and that trying to build everything from scratch isn’t a great approach. We’re also interested in working with Embedded Vision Alliance members to go downstream – closer to the metal – to see what kind of new capabilities we can develop in the embedded hardware space.

What strategies or plans does Network Optix have in place to strengthen their presence in the EMEA? 

The secret to Nx’s success is our ability to find and work with great partners. As such, we’re expanding our Sales & BD teams in the region to increase our reach, continue to help our partners grow and be successful, and enhance our ability to keep our partners, end-users, and industry professionals up-to-date on the latest advances in Network Optix technologies.

Tony Luce, VP of Product Marketing at Network Optix

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