New barox RY-L28-XX Series ‘Switches made for Video’ provide high security Ethernet transmission 


barox Kommunikation AG is promoting cyber secure, high-performance Ethernet video and PoE transmission, with its new RY-L28-XX Series layer- 2/3 managed ethernet switch range.

Designed to meet the specific operational and performance demands of CCTV surveillance, the new RY-L28-XX Series of barox switches employ innovations that guarantee greater customer security, and for the installer, easy set-up and configuration.

Boasting a maximum of 48 x 10/100/1000Mbit/s ports, 4xSFP 1/10Gbit/s ports, 740W total PoE power, and a comprehensive and intuitive Device Management System (DMS) GUI, the barox RY-L28- XX Series 19” rackmount Managed Ethernet switch range with L3 functionalities and provides a robust solution for key CCTV applications including retail, prisons, highways and rail, etc.

Robust cyber security

Tackling the increasingly higher requirements for robust cyber security, barox has implemented more firewall features to maximise the security of IP video transmission networks. With regards to access protection and encompassing network protection from unauthorised sources, barox utilise their Access Protection, Management, Performance and System (AMPS), an end-to-end communication encryption technique and certificates, to ‘lockout’ unauthorised network access.

With its advanced cyber secure functionality, the RY-L28-XX Series switch range can detect fragmented packets, which help to indicate potentially devastating threats. In addition, the RY-L28-XX Series employs a definable Access Control List (ACL) of permissions via barox smart control, which enables per port blocking/firewall control to guard against server hacking and illegal access at switch level.

Other safety features employed include HTTPS/TLS certified performs extremely fast, sub-20ms protection and converged recovery authentication for secure and privacy management access, user management levels, an automatic and manual MAC address management, a dynamically and statically managed ARP- protection, IP source guard, ACL access control list, RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication and the ability to separate terminal devices within a VLAN with private VLANs.

Non-stop PoE

Ensuring cameras stay operational when a re-boot task needs to be performed, for example, when changing network cameras or updating firmware, the RY-L28-XX Series’ ‘Non-stop PoE’ function can be set to supply all ports with ‘always on’ power. This clever functionality allows all connected cameras to stay powered, meaning no vital camera video footage is lost during routine engineering procedures – a particularly important feature within high-security applications.

Supporting efficient system operation, RY-L28-XX Series switches also provide active monitoring of PoE-powered cameras, continually monitoring their status and in the event of a camera failure, the switch will automatically attempt a camera re-boot. At the same time, the switch can be configured to send an SNMP message as an alert.

Device Management System (DMS) integrated in the GUI

Providing powerful support to help manage security, networks and connected devices, barox’s Device Management System displays a live graphical overview of the entire network topology. For diagnostics, a Port monitoring tool is also available to support servicing and set-up requirements. Indicating their IP-addresses, type of device and equipment, the particularly intuitive Configuration & Monitoring menu in the DMS, shows the status of all IP-cameras, switches and servers, and allows device functionality control, as well as fast pinpointing of network and device issues.

“barox has great expertise in the specialist video and data transmission sector, and has developed the experience and tools to provide customers with extremely robust Ethernet and PoE transmission technology,” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner. “The new RY-L28-XX Series range perfectly addresses today’s challenges in the IP surveillance sector. In addition to the range’s robust security and PoE performance, the RY-L28 Series delivers the base requirement of fast and reliable video streaming, and also employs Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS v2 / v3).

“So on the occurrence of any cable damage, which might eventually affect network operation, like losing video streams, thanks to ERPS, this protocol in RY-LGSP28 Series switch performs extremely fast, sub-20ms protection and converged recovery authentication for secure and privacy management access, user switching of data traffic, in ring network topologies.”


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