New INTERPOL special representative to the United Nations takes up position


After officially taking up her post as INTERPOL’s new Special Representative to the United Nations, Roraima Ana Andriani has become the first woman to head the office.

With a law enforcement career spanning more than 30 years at the national, regional and international levels, Ms Andriani will lead INTERPOL’s UN Office in New York which was established in 2004 to identify areas for enhanced cooperation between the two organisations.

Prior to her current appointment, she served as Acting Executive Director of Partnerships and Planning, overseeing INTERPOL’s strategic partnerships and fostering ties with regional and international bodies, including the United Nations.

During her meeting with UN Secretary General António Guterres, Ms Andriani expressed her objective to bolster collaboration with the UN, particularly in combating environmental crime.

Ms Andriani also emphasised the imperative of promoting gender equality and engaging youth in meaningful dialogues, which are important initiatives of both organisations.

Founded in Vienna 100 years ago, INTERPOL is a long-standing facilitator of international police cooperation across its 195 member countries, providing a robust global framework to navigate the evolving landscape of international security.


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