New version of Genetec Sipelia turns mobile phones into powerful security communication devices


Genetec have announced that the latest version of its SIP-based Sipelia Communications Management system is now integrated within the Genetec Mobile app.

This means that security staff can now quickly make and receive audio/video calls, broadcast messages on PA speakers, and trigger standard operating procedures right from the Genetec app on their mobile phone.

The Sipelia Mobile Integration enhances an organisation’s security team’s awareness by unifying incoming calls with the rest of their security system. And when emergencies require swift action, it ensures that security teams can tap their entire communication infrastructure to coordinate response and inform staff, visitors, and customers even when they are on the go.

“Security operators seldom have time to think about what device to use to make a quick call during an incident,” explains Laurent Villeneuve, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Genetec. “With Sipelia now integrated as part of our Genetec Mobile app, security staff can take the right action to address situations as they arise from a single interface on their mobile phone.”

With Sipelia Mobile, operators can easily call emergency services, reach team members or outside contacts via an audio or video call using the address book. They can also respond to incoming requests for assistance, and use audio/video verification to grant or deny visitor access, or open parking gates without having to leave the Genetec Mobile app.

Security teams can also automatically play a warning message through the organisation’s PA system. Messages can be dynamic, scheduled, or based on event-to-actions. When an event is triggered, such as an access denied alert or an alarm from an IoT sensor is set off, custom standard operating procedures can automatically play an announcement (or the operator can decide if one should be played).

For post-event investigation, Sipelia Mobile also enables operators to play back audio/video call recordings and messages or export the call recording for sharing purposes without requiring a third-party device or necessitating a complex setup.

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