NSSG agree partnership with Avante


NSSG have announced they have agreed a capital infusion from Avante Corp. (Avante). This strategic partnership was signed off on September 21, 2023, with the purpose of accelerating both companies’ worldwide expansion.

Avante and NSSG will closely cooperate to expand their business operations, leverage new technologies and innovations to benefit their clients and improve services. The management of NSSG, through the shareholders’ agreement, will maintain day-to-day control of the business.

“We have aimed high from the beginning to become a market leader in risk management at the international level through bespoke and innovative services carried out with passion and ethics,” said NSSG CEO and Founder, Alessandro Martello. “The partnership with Avante makes us proud.

“It is a transformative milestone for NSSG as we look to expand our global corporate risk management offering, and it is 100% in line with our initial growth plan. Our shared values, vision, and passion for quality and risk management innovation will make this collaboration successful.

“We trust that Avante’s core client base will benefit from our bespoke services, cutting-edge applications, creativity, and ethical take on this challenging business.

“Our international corporate clients will also benefit from this partnership, as we will leverage Avante’s Control Centre and integrate the surveillance platform into our activity.”

Key highlights of this partnership include:

1. Synergy in Services: Clients of Avante and NSSG will benefit from a wider array of risk management and security services, ranging from traditional manned security to modern technology-driven solutions to a broad range of corporate security platforms.

2. Global Expansion: Both companies will leverage their respective global networks to offer seamless risk management and security solutions to corporate clients on a larger international scale.

3. Innovation and Expertise: The collaboration will harness synergies from each party’s expertise in innovation and technology to remain at the forefront of the security industry.

4. Operational Efficiency: The partnership will enhance operational efficiency, ensuring the continued delivery of exceptional risk management and security services.


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