Obrela and ZeroFOX partner up for cyber attack protection

Obrela Security Industries has entered into a partnership with ZeroFOX in order to support business continuity and protect institutions from brand cyber attacks. Organisations can reportedly protect all their digital platforms through this partnership, augmenting Obrela’s managed detection and response (MDR) services with ZeroFOX’s situational awareness outside the perimeter.

ZeroFOX will now provide Obrela’s customers with early notice and protection against external threats to their brands, people, assets, and data across the public attack surface. Using Obrela’s 24/7 data analytics technology & MDR team along with ZeroFOX’s service to identify, analyse, predict and disrupt sophisticated external security threats in real time, ultimately protecting physical organisational infrastructure as well as assets beyond the perimeter.

This allows organisations to remove potentially defamatory content online and can be used to locate breached privileged credentials online to reduce the threat of credential stuffing and unauthorised access to corporate networks. “It’s fair to say that the security industry today is saturated with such an array of products, it can leave organisations overwhelmed and ultimately more vulnerable to attacks,” said George Menexis, Chief Commercial Officer at Obrela Security Industries.

“Through our partnership with ZeroFOX, we are bolstering our services to give our customers even greater protection across all their internal and external assets, without the need to deploy new technology and upskill staff.”

ZeroFOX’s AI-powered solutions reportedly secure organisations against account takeover, fake accounts, spoofed domains and scams targeting customers, employees, and executives, which includes scenarios in which attackers exploit brand logos, messaging and product photos to defraud customers. This partnership will allow Obrela customers to address external threats to revenue, reputation and customer engagement while simultaneously predicting and remediating cybersecurity threats in real time through Obrela’s 24/7 MDR service.

“The surface, deep and dark web, social media, mobile app stores, marketplace, and other public platforms represent unique opportunities for engagement as well as unique risks. As adoption of these platforms has increased, institutions need to ensure their brands, reputation and customers are protected,” said Brian Costello, Vice President of Global Partnerships at ZeroFOX. 

“Our partnership with Obrela Security Industries gives our mutual customers peace of mind knowing that physical and digital business operations will remain secure in the face of cybercriminals, malicious insiders or defamatory threat actors.”

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