Oprema announces June Product of the Month: CORE & PRO Series Cameras

Oprema has announced its June Product of the Month as the new line of Paxton10 CORE & PRO series cameras. Ranging from low-cost to high-specification, they provide surveillance solutions for every project. The new CORE series and PRO series cameras maintain all key features of the previous Paxton10 cameras including edge processing for ultimate scalability, built-in edge storage, and a plug-and-play installation.

The two new ranges are particularly beneficial when used in combination with other key features of Paxton10 like smart device access and remote monitoring. Adam Stroud, Paxton’s CEO, explains: “Our CORE series and PRO series cameras were inspired by the varying requirements of our customers. We are now able to offer a wider choice.” Combining next generation access control and video management on one user-friendly platform, Paxton10 provides a simple online solution that allows you to manage your security with ease.

The range is compatible with Paxton’s door entry and wireless door handle range and supports up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras. End-users can also use license free Bluetooth smart credentials and multi-site management functionality.

The PRO series are top-end video recorders that take building surveillance to the next level. The range includes:

  • 8mm mini-bullet, vari-focal bullet, and turret
  • 8MP cameras which capture footage in crystal clear 4K HD
  • 256GB of in-built memory
  • The vari-focal bullet is also equipped with a vandal resistant IK10 rating which is ideal for sites where a robust external camera is required

The CORE series are a cost-effective solution with no compromise on quality. The range includes:

  • 8mm mini-bullet, mini-dome, and turret
  • 4MP cameras with 0.003 Lux industry-leading low light performance
  • 64GB of in-built edge storage
  • The mini dome has a IK10 rated metal exterior for those who need a more robust solution


When installing the cameras, the plug-and-play hardware connects seamlessly to a user’s Paxton10 network with automatic recognition and a drag and drop system. You simply plug in a camera, name it, tell it where to record, and it does the job. This makes the process efficient and will save installers troubleshooting time on site.

Adam concludes: “The cameras can be up and running in minutes and come with our standard no hassle 5-year guarantee, free training, and expert customer support.”

For more information on the CORE and PRO cameras, visit the Paxton website


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