OPTEX celebrates 45th anniversary


OPTEX has reached a landmark 45th year in the security sector, with the company continuing to innovate and succeed in the present day.

Founded on 25 May 1979 in a coffee house in Kyoto, Japan, by electronics engineer Toru Kobayashi and three of his colleagues, OPTEX was born with a clear vision: to build a global sensing technology business with precision and intelligence at its heart.

This vision remains at the core of the business and has been pivotal to its huge growth over the last four and a half decades. Today the OPTEX Group comprises almost 2,000 employees across 42 companies across the world.

Its EMEA headquarters in the UK and the Netherlands are supported by offices and representatives in more than 15 countries in the region, including France, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain and South Africa.

“OPTEX never stands still and continues to anticipate and innovate to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and of our customers”, says Toru Kamimura, CEO of OPTEX CO LTD, core company of the group based in Japan. “We are very proud of what we have achieved to date and thankful to our employees and partners, as well as our customers for their unwavering support, who have been crucial to our global expansion into new regions and territories.

“Over the last 45 years, we have continued our journey of solving the everyday problems of our customers with our broad range of detection systems, developed with quality and reliability at heart, perfectly suited for diverse applications ranging from critical infrastructure sites to private homes and everything in between.

“Our continued focus and investment in rigorous testing, research and development are testament to the company’s commitment to maintaining excellence in everything we do.

“The journey continues as we explore new technologies and the power of sensor data to create a safe, secure and comfortable society.”

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