OPTEX reveal new FlipX Advanced sensors for high-security environments


OPTEX has extended its FlipX sensor range with its new Grade 3 indoor detectors named the FlipX Advanced Series, which bring added functionalities to protect high-security sites including high-risk commercial, banking and other indoor environments with high-value assets.

Like other FlipX models, the FlipX Advanced sensors feature a bespoke pyroelectric sensor for increased performance that adapts to the human shape, and a unique lens that can be ‘flipped’ to provide both wide and narrow detection in a single sensor.

By simply rotating the lens through 180°, the sensor can be used to protect narrow or long areas such as a corridor or warehouse aisles up to 24m, or a wide, open area like a lobby or a high-value retail store to 15m at 85°.

In addition, to provide a higher level of security, the FlipX Advanced models feature intelligent IR-Antimasking on both the PIR and microwave sensors, generating an alert if any of them are masked.

The sensors are also equipped with additional algorithms to ensure stable detection and to reduce ‘false’ alarms. Double conductive shielding means nuisance alarms caused by changes of light, temperature or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can be avoided.

FlipX Advanced sensors also feature a ‘super high PIR sensitivity’ mode, which when set, enables the sensors to maintain stable and highly reliable detection even when the temperature difference between the human and the environment is very small, to ensure greater catch performance for high-security, high-risk sites where missed alarms are unacceptable.

The sensors feature a sleek and compact design, with flexible mounting height options (between 2-3m) meaning they seamlessly blend into building aesthetics, as well as buildings with higher ceilings.

For quick and simple installation, FlipX Advanced has an easily viewable LED, terminal block for easy wiring and EOL plug-in resistor socket.

FlipX Advanced is available as a PIR model – FLX-A-AM – and for more challenging indoor environments as a dual-technology (PIR and microwave) model – FLX-A-DAM. 

The latter is equipped with OPTEX’s robust Tough MOD 2 microwave module, ensuring the durability of the sensor in challenging environments, particularly humid climates, and higher levels of capture performance by tailoring the microwave to the PIR detection area.


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