OPTEX announces EMEA launch of next generation above-ground OVS-02GT vehicle detection sensors


OPTEX, a leading global sensor manufacturer, has launched its new series of highly reliable and very easy to install vehicle detection sensors for customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

An extension of its existing range, the new OVS-02GT sensors feature highly accurate microwave technology with short and long-range detection logic, helping to provide vehicle detection for gate and barrier automation at a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial sites.

The above-ground sensors provide the ideal solution for any site or environment where a ground loop cannot be installed, such as locations where digging is prohibited or not possible, the road surface is damaged or unsealed, or areas prone to flooding. They also remove the need for any disruptive and hugely costly civil or ground engineering works and can be simply installed on a pole or wall with a wide-angle adjustment up to 96-degrees.

The OVS-02GT sensors can detect vehicles of any colour or composite material, both moving and stationary, within an adjustable detection range of up to eight metres, while also ignoring pedestrian traffic. They can detect vehicles moving up a speed of to 35km/h, and are not affected by changing weather conditions, providing consistent indoor or outdoor performance all-year round.

Toshiyasu Matsuyama, Business Development Manager OPTEX Japan, says the new OVS-02GT sensors enhance the performance for vehicle detection and human cancellation and responds to customer demands for an easy above-ground solution: “Traditional ground loops can provide a real challenge, often requiring both hugely costly and disruptive engineering works. The uncomplicated mounting of the OVS-02GT, combined with the easy settings adjustments via a dedicated mobile App can help customers reduce the installation time by a third compared to the installation of a conventional ground loop.

“Our latest generation of vehicle detection sensors – the OVS-02GT – provides customers with a viable and accurate solution, that benefits from the expertise and knowledge of OPTEX’s detection solutions which has been built over more than 40 years.”

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