Ouster to hold webinar exploring REV7 product line


On 13 December 2022, Ouster will be holding a special REV7 Technical Deep Dive webinar, which is intended for front-line engineers and engineering leadership.

During the webinar, Ouster will review in detail the REV7 product line and the significant performance upgrades they have made to range, precision and accuracy, while also discussing new technical detail about how these improvements were made possible by the company’s all-new L3 chip.

Ouster have put together a plan for the webinar, which will also go into the L3 chip and back-side illumination, how signal-to-noise ratio relates to the performance upgrades found in REV7 sensors, why the company developed the OSDome and how you might use it in your applications and finally, how Ouster have improved the reliability of the REV7 sensors over their REV6 sensors.

You can sign up to the webinar via this link.


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