Ouster to showcase digital lidar technology and applications at CES 2023


Ouster, Inc. have announced its attendance at CES Las Vegas 2023, where they will showcase its latest technology and solutions, including its OS and Digital Flash (DF) series sensors and a new product release, along with select customer and partner applications in the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall – Booth #6541.

Ouster Showcase:

OS Series: Ouster will exhibit live point clouds of its REV7 sensors on the show floor and offer scheduled rides near the Las Vegas Convention Center in its demo vehicle outfit with a mix of eight short, mid, and long-range REV7 sensors. As a 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree, Ouster’s REV7 sensors will also be on display at the Innovation Awards Showcase in the Venetian Expo, Hall D – Booth #56320.

DF Series: The Company will present its DF series solid-state lidar for automotive series production programs, including a real-time point cloud of its short-range sensor and a multi-sensor view of its short, mid, and long-range sensors placed around the vehicle using synthetic data.

New Product Release: The Company will unveil a new product offering for smart infrastructure applications during CES and host a live demonstration from its booth. Visitors will be able to interact with the product up close to test its performance and capabilities.

Featured Customers and Partners:

  • Third Wave Automation will showcase its fully automated reach truck solution, the TWA Reach. Coupled with its Collaborative Autonomy Platform, TWA Reach can support 366″, high bay, pick & place in remote, remote assist or manual mode, all while working alongside warehouse teams.
  • Flyability will showcase Elios 3, the world’s first collision-tolerant drone harnessing the power of computer vision and lidar to create rich 3D models and transform the world of inspection, mapping, and surveying.
  • LASE will showcase a series of video demonstrations of its autonomy solutions on industrial and smart city laser applications.
  • Ottonomy will showcase its Ottobot, the first truly autonomous robot capable of navigation both indoors and outdoors as well as the first to deliver food and retail goods inside an airport.
  • Polymath Robotics will showcase a live-view screen of its autonomy system on multiple industrial vehicles, which attendees will be able to teleoperate from the booth.
  • Danfoss will showcase its PLUS +1(R) Autonomy, XM100 autonomous controller and PLUS+1(R) software for use across a broad range of mobile off-highway vehicles and equipment.
  • LuxModus will showcase LuxGear, its simple, low-cost, self-contained data collection platform for industrial, environmental, and urban 3D mapping projects.

Events: Ouster and Flyability will host a screening of the VICE World News documentary, Why You Should Be Worried About This Glacier, highlighting their mission to Iceland with the La Venta research team to create 3D maps of glacial ice caves to study the impacts of climate change.

The screening will take place in the Ouster booth followed by a live Q&A on Friday, January 6th at 10:30 a.m. PT.


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